Prayers Requested for the publishers of GOOD NEWS magazine.

Dear readers of Steadfast,

It is with great sadness that I want to report to you that over the past day a fire has raged in the St. Louis area and it still smolders tonight.  The fired claimed a warehouse which contained some precious goods – around 2 million copies (updated report now says 1.5 million) of past issues of GOOD NEWS magazine.  Good News magazine has been around for quite some time and is well known for its sound theology, beautiful artwork and topical issues.  I know Lutherans in Africa uses their materials in their catechesis across the continent.  I have also used them in my parish life and know dear members who have combed through each study of every issue.  The past and present issues are treasures to the Church.

We don’t know all of the fallout yet, but as Christian people include the good folks at GOOD NEWS magazine in your prayers (Wallace and Kathy Schulz).  We will pass along any information we find out about the situation as we learn more about it.


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