FiveTwo partners with abortion supporting organization.

It’s Time to start asking your Districts and also the LCMS International Center why they either work with FiveTwo actively or tacitly allow them to infiltrate and leaven the entire synod.

This “Giving Tuesday” FiveTwo will be receiving matching funds from the Gates Foundation of up to $50K.  The Gates Foundation has advocated heavily for abortion and population control (a recent $120 million effort for instance).  Their “Family Planning” section details some of this.  Let me summarize for you – FiveTwo is working with a group that spends large amounts of money to advocate the murder of babies.  When Thrivent was found to be working with pro-abortion folks LCMS Lutherans erupted into action against it.  Will they do so now?

Steadfast has long pointed out the many problems with FiveTwo, but the organization continues to enjoy free reign in many districts.  Some districts have partnered to raise money and also adopt ministry practices FiveTwo promotes.  FiveTwo has presented at District events, received promotion through District channels for their events, and even been allowed to present to a quarterly meeting of the Council of Presidents (April-May 2012). District Presidents have attended the FiveTwo conferences in great numbers.  Far from being rebuked for their false doctrine and practices, they are allowed time to promote across the Synod.  They clearly have no fear that “Confessional Lutherans” have had control of the Synod since 2010.  Now we find them working with abortion advocates for their money.

My own congregation submitted an overture to the 2016 National Convention which called for an investigation into and a moratorium on continued cooperation with FiveTwo.  The overture (4-25) was “omnibussed” to the CTCR and I received a letter saying that the CTCR will not handle it.  Early on as Steadfast took up this cause I had a few personal conversations with the head of FiveTwo about this which proved fruitless.  I write this to show that personal and also “official channels” have not resulted in any ecclesiastical supervision over districts or the clergy that are associated with FiveTwo.  Logia has written against FiveTwo.  Other blogs have also tried to raise awareness.  Issues Etc. did a few segments on them as well.  Maybe a popular effort to encourage our “churchmen” to act decisively may have more effect.

If nothing else, maybe you can let folks – who just don’t realize – know that FiveTwo works with abortion advocates.  Isn’t there a better place to put your money (how about the offering plate at church)?

If you are wondering if your district has been working with FiveTwo you may want to inquire and warn your district leadership about them.  Michigan and Florida-Georgia are two districts prominently displayed on the FiveTwo partner page.  Other districts have also been involved with FiveTwo.

Texas District was home to the start of FiveTwo.

California-Nevada-Hawaii District had them speak at their district conference.

Indiana District advertised for their national conference.

New England District has promoted FiveTwo (page 87)

Southern District is listed as a sponsor for a FiveTwo conference.

Southeastern District refers folks to FiveTwo as a “resource”.

You can also see a number of districts represented here in the FiveTwo Coaches page. (Southeastern, Northern Illinois, Texas, Northwest just for a few)

Bethesda, Thrivent, Lutheran Church Extension Fund, and Lutheran Hour Ministries also appear to be past sponsors (2011).

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis has also had FiveTwo teach some of its classes.

Best Practices for Ministry in Phoenix has also hosted FiveTwo presentations.

There are more. If you have some, post them in a comment.  If I find more I will post them as an edit.

FiveTwo accepts abortion promoter money.  LCMS Districts work with FiveTwo.  LCMS allows this to continue.  Please encourage those with authority to act to do so.


About Pastor Joshua Scheer

Pastor Joshua Scheer is the Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Brothers of John the Steadfast. He oversees all of the work done by Steadfast Lutherans. He is a regular host of Concord Matters on KFUO. Pastor Scheer and his lovely wife Holly (who writes and manages the Katie Luther Sisters) have four children and enjoy living in Wyoming.


FiveTwo partners with abortion supporting organization. — 42 Comments

  1. Very troubling…I will bring this up at Winkel. We have discussed this with our District, more to do…I left a voicemail / email with our LFL rep., wanting to discuss this. The Winkel is on LFL.

  2. I suppose I should not buy any more Microsoft products, as part of their profits, no doubt help to fund the Gates Foundation.

  3. Wow. Maybe it would be easier to list who does not work with 52. And 52 is not the only phony group out there either. Yes, I know, I know, the telephone pole in my own eye. Hey, He’s working overtime on me…

  4. This seems like a distraction from the real problem: namely, that five-two teaches false doctrine. Even if they used a good, pro-life fund matching group, we’d still have the same problem.

    Let’s keep the first things first.

  5. @Brandt Hoffman #6

    This is a symptom of the problem but is itself a real problem. FiveTwo has been shown to be based upon a lot of false teaching in years previous but no one cared. Even when just an “investigation” was asked for it was declined.

    In the LCMS sadly, moral causes get more attention than doctrinal ones, even though they are certainly related. The second table comes to mind much quicker than the first table does.

    But the defense of FiveTwo on this has also been interesting to watch and see.

  6. @David M. #4

    FiveTwo actively promoted its receiving benefit from an abortion-advocating organization. They had to go through certain steps to be qualified to do so with Facebook. It’s not misleading, but it is unsettling, so of course people are trying to find procedural reasons to not take a hard look.

  7. I’m still confused. Aren’t all US non-profits which receive donations thru a FB page eligible (e.g. Lutherans for Life)?

  8. Yes, certainly an awareness problem. And, as long as we have leadership that is supportive of CoWo or ambiguous, orgs like 5-2 will continue to gain ground. Do we have a “don’t punch left” policy in place these days at Synod?

  9. @John Rixe #9

    Only 501(c)(3) organizations who submit applications to and receive approval from FB. You can tell whether any organization has been accepted by clicking on the donate button. If it is FB approved, you’ll get a donation window. If not, FB will tell you that the group isn’t affiliated with them and, if you continue, you’ll get sent off-site to the organizations own website.

  10. As I wrote elsewhere, FiveTwo’s post draws unnecessary attention to Gates as the funder of the FB extravaganza. Why? The best construction one could put on that is that it was done ignorantly for hipster-attractional purposes. (This group receives support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? They’re as cool as NPR! Let’s donate!) In my private judgment, the vibe they project is that of a TED Talk at a gluten-free, organic coffee shop made entirely of recycled hemp. For those who are attractionaled to that, Gates is cred.

    But Gates has blood on its hands, like Herod. Think of how attractional this would read, especially to any potential donor who is biblically literate: “On #GivingTuesday, 11/28, Facebook and the Bank of Moloch will match the first $50,000 we raise on Giving Tuesday.”

    Undoubtedly, there will be some nonprofits who had previously signed up for the FB fundraising program not knowing that Gates would be involved, and would disclaim any connection to Gates and its bloody, revolutionary aims. But the trouble here is that FiveTwo trumpets the Gates connection, wears it as a badge of honor. Now if we ask, what gives?, and the response is “we’ll take any money from any source [the White Nationalists? the American Communist Party? surely there’s a line somewhere] to promote missional visional attractional sacramental entrepreneurship, and we’ll boldly give credit where credit is due,” then we’ll know what FiveTwo is willing to sacrifice in exchange for $50k. Or rather, the appearance of $50k from Gates, since there is a $2m cap on the entire match for all of the 501(c)(3)s put together, and it’s first-come, first served.

  11. The newest congregation in my Circuit was planted by a FiveTwo pastor. It is advertised as a church for people who don’t like church.

    I thought that was odd, considering we have churches in my town that say the same thing. They’re called non-denominational.

    But really…how many of everyone’s congregations receive donations from people it should not? When I was a church officer I once suggested that our financial secretary return an offering mailed in by a member who hadn’t been in church for decades. That didn’t go over very well.

  12. I’ve spoken at more than one microphone on a District Convention floor about the entire cowo crap – and the first was 30 years ago – MI District – when Kent Hunter was all the rage.

    5/2, like “Churches Matter” will continue to grow and proliferate as long as the top District leadership is permitted to operate in the fashion they do. They must be just flat called on the Synodical carpet for their shenanigans.

    Matt has done many good things, but this is a serious threat. It is not merely about abortion, although getting rid of the Molochians needs to be done whenever, wherever! These two movements are about changing the doctrinal basis of Church and Divine Worship, and they need to be squelched. Folks in the pews and those of us retired or no longer full time have little say or pull in such matters, and our Synodical Constitution should have some serious play in such matters! Relying on a Synodical Convention every three years is not fixing things, but merely kicking the can down the road. At some point it must be stopped outright! We are losing our Liturgical basis, and even worst, and along with the loss of the Divine Liturgy, a proper Christology.

    Missouri is the last bastion of catholic liturgy and Christology in America. The RCC is what I left as a young man for Missouri, and I am finding it hard and harder to fault the brethren who have swum the Bosporus. Someone, or a good number of you young guys, need to stir the works. We older WCW’s held the fort, so to speak, but we kept the legacy for you young bucks. It is long past time to strike back.


    How long, O Lord? How long?

  13. @jb #15

    As a Texas resident, I learned to support my local congregation for local needs and such Lutheran organizations/RSO’s as I believed were doing something good.

    As a pew sitter, I can’t change anything but I don’t have to contribute.

  14. I don’t understand how these arrangements work, but must admit I’m curious about it. Why would the Gate’s Foundation give or match funds to FiveTwo? How does this meet the objectives of their foundation?

  15. LW –

    Simple understanding of most matters – money talks. 5/2 is the only group needing to explain. I don’t believe they will. But they did take the money.

    What foundations fund is not the issue – the issue is whoever applies for said funds. 5/2 applied, and got the funds. Bill Gates is not trying to undermine Confessional Lutheranism – 5/2 is. Is that enough explanation?

    The connections to abortion advocacy apparently are not on 5/2’s radar. Let that be another indicator. That grisly, molochian enterprise should be anathema to any group pretending to be Church.

    5/2 appears not to care. So the conclusion a rational man, or a man of the One True Faith, must draw – is what it is.

  16. @jb #20

    Good point. It’s sad to see Christians join ourselves with and put our trust in the unholy trinity of the devil, the world and our own sinful nature.

  17. Concerning renewal, I see no connection with abortion or 5/2. The point is it is the same “entrepreneurial” scheme. From there, anything goes. They are an independent free denomination?

  18. @Steve #22

    They are not independent, nor are they “entrepreneurial” – not by any stretch of the definition! They (5/2) are committed to changing the face of Confessional Lutheranism.

    calvinism never rests.

  19. @Steve #24

    It’s “old hat” my friend. They bandy about their many and various terms like cheap beers. My concern, and I am certain it is Josh’s, is that they intend tho literally change the meaning of the One Holy to fit their theology, and try to suck in as many LCMS as they can.

    And – we need to understand the subtle inroads of calvinism. This weird collar I wear puts me on the watchtower – calling out the warning. Besides the occasional sermon I can get to preach, or in what I write, I must needs do so. It has been a part of who I am and what I do for so long now even I cannot prevent it.

    Nor – would I if I could. Pax

  20. Anyone who knows Facebook should understand Zucker is a liberal Jew and Wm Gates is no good either. He promotes bad vaccines in Africa (experiments with Blacks and others) which is disgusting. My eyes and ears are always open to truth today because few organizations are Christian anymore. Indeed the Lord gives you truth and wisdom if you believe! Anyway Most orgs., are corrupt today and my family boycotts everyone who is just that. There really is no excuse to not understand that the wickedness today is out of control.

  21. @Mark Ashwill #26

    Mark –

    You are preaching to the choir here.

    All the same – it is a with pretty wide brush with which you are painting other folks in the One Holy Faith. Simplistic answers to complicated matters in this life most often do not cut it. There has been “wickedness” since the fruit was crunched in the Garden by our first parents – so you speak of nothing new. Among this crew here, you are speaking old words we have used forever. Zuckerberg and Gates notwithstanding – it is not merely the internet, but the ENTIRE world that is corrupt and in sin.

    I have been a Pastor for over 31 years. It is but a mere asterisk in time dealing with the wiles of the satan. I am glad you and yours seem to get it. But please, refrain from “moralizing” as if you know better than the rest of us. You do not.

    Your comment, while well-intended, did not address the topic at hand.

    Pax Domini – pb

  22. I resent that comment Pastor— regarding moralizing. I am merely speaking the truth on these two unbelievably rich human beings Zucker burg and Gates. (It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven ) and Mark Z is Jewish and Bill Gates (very liberal) is killing people in Africa with his experiments. So these men are Reprobates and both support abortion and both have huge influences in this nation and in many other regions of the world. My comments are truth and if you desire to stop these terrible sins (killing babies at 50 plus million to date–never happened legally before Roe—you must KNOW your enemies.) You also need to join together and unite in order to stop it. I’m well aware we all sin and original sin is correct but that’s not the issue here ….the issue is we’ve got bad people influencing Christians to do wrong. Our Churches are half empty. So I stand firm just as Martin Luther did when he said “Here I Stand” and he wrote a book on the Jews, too. Nothing wrong with that or his many speeches and books on the RCC. Digest it and learn who rules America and much of Europe. I believe God is angry at us because there are too many who don’t speak out and a lack of backbone in the Church and society. Plenty of Lutherans breaking off the LCMS now and many push modern contemporary services! That I find appalling. Tell me sir…..why were our churches full when I was a little child in the 60s and when my Mother was a child the Churches were full then??? And why is crime out of control now? It did not use to be! I’m no Pastor but I am a Christian and know history and government very well of the last 100 years.

  23. Re: the original post. No one seems to mind that Synod and Districts still take money from the Thrivent corporation. What’s that all about? My congregation had disbanded their Thrivent chapter over that.

  24. @Mark Ashwill #28

    This is a good book from Northwestern Publishing House for you to read, Mark: Martin Luther and the Jewish People

    Martin Luther and the Jewish People takes a close and balanced look at Luther the man, the context of his writings, and the times in which he wrote. The author dispels the 20th-century distortions of Luther’s treatment of Jewish people and his alleged role in present-day anti-Semitism.

  25. @Mark Ashwill #28

    Okay, Mark . . .

    It is clear that you can neither moderate your words, nor understand nuance. You are “moralizing” – expect zero apologies from me. You are making a host of false accusations against many fine saints of the Church, because you wish us all to take a militant stance as do you, and are stomping your feet and demanding we do so.

    Heh! You funny, Dude!

    Let me add to the moralizing charge on my part – you wish to “IMPOSE” on the rest of us what is clearly your own opinion, sans facts, to make a point in a forum that has graciously permitted you access. A bit hypocritical, as well.

    Bothering you with the Gospel would clearly be a useless task, so I shan’t attempt to do so. I might add, you are speaking/writing to folks who have studied far more history than you even know exists.

    Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding. Proverbs 17:28 – KJV


  26. Timothy Schenks on December 4, 2017 at 3:55 am So Who is behind this abortion issue, Tim? Every Jewish Senator IS for Abortion today. I could site fact after fact on this issue. Jesus says this ——-Revelation 2..verse 9. And St John 8…verses 33–44. And read Dr Luther’s large Catechism particularly page 18 and 19—all of it if you truly Love Lutheranism and Christianity! Tell me something gentlemen —WHO have viciously attacked me—->>> would you have attacked me like this if I would’ve brought up Mormonism and their old sinful ways of disgusting polygamy and their denial of the Trinity ? And their Free Masonry? Aye? Would you have viciously attacked me had I brought up Islam and SHARIA law and criticized it as it is a bad ideology AND OF Satan? Would you have viciously attacked me had I brought up the Christian science people as a cult? What about Hinduism ? Or Atheists? Pagans??? I doubt it. I know this game all too well and it does a terrible disservice to all believers and mankind when you can’t speak truth! And you wonder why the churches are half empty except for the fundamentalists! I suggest that all of you who have attacked me to go read Matthew,Mark , Luke , and John. The gospel ! Unless you believe in these silly dispensations that 144,000 Jews will be saved at the end of time and the rapture ready folks and all the other nonsense that’s been started over the last few decades ! And I have read a lot about Dr. Luther and what he said was true but he also would never be silent on the evil Jewish Talmud (nor should he kept silent) but tell the Jews this — I cannot support you but if you want to hear the word of God and give up your wicked ways, I will be happy to tell you all about the gospel. Don’t tell me about hate as you are pushing a vitriol hatred on me!! Get the log out of your own eye first instead of picking at the spec in mine. I come from a long old line of German Lutherans and my Mother read this and she said “My God they sound like a bunch of Pentecostal fundamentalists. We tippy toe around important issues rather than hitting the issues at hand head on! John 3…verses 3,4,5. Read it. No Jew or any other religion gets to Heaven unless they believe. So as My Mom is chiming in now—The Jews are going to hell just like all other nonbelievers. And she is right. She also said her old Catechism Pastor (Kerkoff) would be in total agreement with me. This is a major problem in America today — don’t offend any Jew but anybody else can sure be put on the chopping block and this is absolutely shameful to believe as such! This is just unbelievable coming from a Lutheran forum. It’s truly sad we have progressed into such a weakness.

  27. I’ve known for many years that the LCMS has been going liberal and when AAL changed to Thrivent, I knew that was bad!….and I remember as a child the evil Seminex, of the 70s and one of the finest Lutheran pastors I know that is alive today is Pastor Herman Otten, who fought so vigilantly and so wonderful for our Lutheran faith! He has guts and I admire that in a fellow Man.

  28. Heh!

    You funny, Dude. You just fail to get it. You know so little, and pretend you know so much.

    But ramble on . . . it’s what you do. Norm and Josh make the decisions here. I’ll leave it to them. You have no understanding of rational argumentation, but only, imposing what you think on everyone else.

    You really do need to “hush up” – as I said earlier. You are making an ass of yourself.

  29. JB —YOU claim to be a Pastor of over 30 years and call me an “Ass?” I’m hard pressed to believe you. And I will not answer to you ever again.

  30. I calls ’em likes I see ’em.

    You cannot answer me. You don’t have the capacity to do so – you attacked Schenks to try to get to me.

    Buzz off.

  31. @Rev. Robert Fischer #31

    @Rev. Robert Fischer #31
    I have the original Book Dr Luther wrote on the Jews and their Lies. I’m well informed on truth. —
    THUCYDIDES, 400 B.C.

  32. If you have ever read Lutheran Theologian Dr Ludwig A Fritsch–The Crime of Our Age…1948, you’d realize that’s where the quote comes from. You truly have no clue. And don’t you ever use any quote from any famous human that ever lived whose not Lutheran. Boy you really act like a Judaizer, Timothy.

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