What is Considered Mentally Ill in Our Crazy Society Today?

I don’t know if this is boldly speaking the truth in love or failing to heed Proverbs 26:4, “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself.”


If a ‘trans-species’ man claimed he was a female monkey, would we consider him mentally ill? Would we show him pity and try to get him the mental and spiritual help he needs, or would we encourage him to embrace his self-understanding? Would we celebrate his ‘courage’ and make him the animal of the year? Would we insist that our government force all public restrooms to accommodate him and his ‘husband’, which is an actual male monkey? Who are we to judge and stop a ‘trans-species’ man who wants to live in a loving and committed relationship with a monkey? Would we force our children to use bathroom and locker rooms with wild animals? Better yet, why should we be forced to use the bathroom in private at all; we should be free to use any tree, parking lot, or courtroom floor if we self-identify as a wild animal? Again, what is considered mentally ill in our crazy society today?

It seems to me that the only ones in our society that are deemed mentally ill, in need of their minds being changed, are Christians and those who uphold natural law. In our crazy world, you couldn’t be more insane to say that a monkey is a monkey, a man a man, and a woman a woman. You couldn’t be crazier than to think there is a true God Who made animals according to kinds and that mankind is uniquely different. You couldn’t be more ‘hateful’ than to point out that our crazy laws better protect baby monkeys in the womb than baby boys and girls. Even though there is no scientific evidence for macroevolution—a fish to a monkey to a man—you are wise to confess this ‘fact’. Yet, if you confess that monkeys and men are not interchangeable, you’re the backwards thinker that is hindering progress.

What is considered mentally ill in our crazy society today, and what insanity does tomorrow hold? I hope, as a society, we rethink our definitions so that we can show true compassion to mentally and spiritually ill men and women, and protect our children and society from this foolishness. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

Article Written by the Rev. Clint Stark of St. John Lutheran in Frisco, Texas, who self-identifies as The President of the United States.

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