A Friend of Steadfast needs help.

The Brothers of John the Steadfast started out by supporting Confessional Lutheran media (thanks be to God for Issues Etc.) and continues to do so.  Along the way we have found lots of new Lutheran media startups as well as some older ones that just have been chugging along for years confessing the faith.  KNGN radio is one of those latter ones.  When years ago we were looking for the technical expertise and help for both broadcasting and podcasting Steadfast Throwdown, KNGN helped us out immensely.  Few people probably realize that there are more than one radio station that is LCMS affiliated.  KNGN is a radio station confessing the faith over the airwaves and also over the internet through streaming.

KNGN has come upon some harder times.  The sources of revenue from past years have been getting smaller.  They are in a pretty dire situation.

From Adam Spanier, the General Manager of KNGN:

“KNGN has had to liquidate our reserve assets to cover expenses. With this liquidation, KNGN has, at best, 3 months of operational funds left, after which, KNGN will have to shut its doors and cease broadcasting. If you value Lutheran radio programming, if you value the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel of Christ Jesus Crucified for sinners, then I implore your aid. Without your financial contribution, KNGN cannot survive, and the world’s only independent full powered LCMS radio station will cease to exist.”

KNGN is the world’s only independent, full-powered LCMS radio station.  Let that sink in.  Independent.  Let that word sink in (mindful of how independence can help a confessional Lutheran organization – how does being free of LCMS political fallout help confess the faith?).  Perhaps this is something worth helping and preserving.

So here you go.  1.  Realize that God has given you so much wealth.  2.  Go to KNGN.org    3.  Click on their Donate button    4.  Give thanks to God for such blessedness in your life.


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