Organization Update

Today, the attendees of our National Conference had a chance to receive this, and it is now here for you to read:

Organizational Update
2016 was a big year behind the scenes for Steadfast Lutherans. We have finally regained both our incorporated status and also our non-profit status. We organized a Board of Directors and elected officers to oversee all that happens at Steadfast. 2017 will continue to include some housekeeping measures to get everything in good order.

With the addition of non-profit status, we are finally able to receive charitable donations. If you have some extra you would like to donate (after you have supported your local congregation) we could always use it to start new projects.

Steadfast Lutherans Blog
The blog continues to be very useful in confessing the faith. We are always bringing on new authors and working on new series. This year we brought on another Associate Editor, Rev. Andrew Packer who has been doing a great job. Rev. Eric Anderson continues to contribute as well. Mr. Norm Fisher continues to be the web guru for the site.

Steadfast in the Parish
We launched Steadfast in the Parish to provide easily printable resources for the Lutheran parish and household. The most popular series has been our Gospel Notes which provide great study and preparation for hearing God’s Word on Sunday morning. We also released devotionals for both Advent and Lent. This year’s Lent series is freely available on the site. The work of Steadfast in the Parish is overseen by Rev. Daniel Hinton, Gospel Notes by Rev. Marcus Baikie, and the one designing all of the stuff behind the scenes is Mrs. Kris Brown, our Art Director. Some new projects are coming in 2017, including a weekly lectionary and devotional help for families called “Lambs at Pasture” (coming Lent 2017).

Regional Conferences
We are also working hard on setting up a three-year plan of regional conferences to confess the faith and encourage confessional Lutherans throughout the country. We are actively working on these and can so far say that we have a Denver conference in the works and also one in Michigan. Other sites that look to be future sites include Minneapolis, Des Moines, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philedelphia, and St. Louis. If you know of a parish that would like to host a Regional Conference let us know.

New Media Production
Steadfast Lutherans continues to work on producing media. A re-launch of Steadfast Throwdown is in the works for this year if we can manage getting the volunteers on board and scheduled.

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