Jesus Show to Us Your Glory


Jesus, let us see Your glory
Not in works that we have done,
But in Your salvation’s story,
Where Your death our life once won.
In the darkness of the mountain,
There Your light You did display
In Your blood, a holy fountain,
Washing all our sins away.

Save us from the pride of mortals,
Seeking love where darkness grows;
Call us from the gloomy portals
Leading to eternal woes;
Speak from Scripture You have spoken,
Breathe Your Spirit into us,
That Your Word, which can’t be broken,
May give us Your righteousness.

Short of glory deep we stumbled
By the sin we thought was good;
But when all our hopes were crumbled,
Then You shed Your precious blood;
You, when darkness overcame us,
Brought Your glory to our sin,
In our darkness joyed to claim us
With the pain You felt within.

Hidden from all human reason,
Covered by Your wisdom’s cross,
Now revealed in every season
Is the Lord our Righteousness,
God of God and Man of Mary,
Image of the Father’s Light,
Love has come our guilt to bury,
Banished from the Father’s sight.

Hear, now hear, you sinful creature,
You whose burden weighs you down!
Surer than the pangs of nature
Lies on Christ the thorny crown,
By which all the guilt that pains you,
Cast into the deepest sea,
Sheds the blood that now sustains you
And from death it sets you free.

Jesus, speak Your glory to us
In Your Word and sacrament,
That Your truth may still renew us
In our tears and our lament;
Till we see with eyes unclouded
What our hearts and lips confess,
And that day reveals, unshrouded,
You, our Lord, our righteousness.


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