BJS Conference 2016 — Confess Old to Reach All



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Save the date – February 4-6, 2016 – the conference of the Brothers of John the Steadfast. A theme and more details will follow, but here is what I can tell you right now:

A NEW LOCATION – Zion Lutheran Church in Tomball, TX (not too far from Houston) – Get ready for some friendly Texas hospitality courtesy of the saints at Zion and their pastor, the Rev. Chris Hull.

LONGER CONFERENCE – Three days of speakers and fun instead of two

BREAKOUT SESSIONS – Not only will we have our normal major speakers, but there will also be breakout sessions as well.

CHILDCARE PROVIDED – Bring the kids. We will have childcare provided.

EXPANDED NO PIETISTS ALLOWED PARTIES – Instead of the normal three, there will be likely five different events spanning the two nights.

OTHER GROUPS FROM STEADFAST LUTHERANS – Sisters of Katie Luther will be there; PLUS some surprise stuff that has yet to be released from “Steadfast Lutherans” [coming soon]


There are some more things in the works, and as soon as we finalize things we will announce both here and on our Facebook page.

  • Rev. Larry Beane – Reformation Worship Then and Now
  • Rev. John Pless – Reformation Catechesis
  • Rev. Chris Hull – Reformation Preaching
  • Rev. Hans Fiene – The Real Reformation vs. the World’s Take
  • Rev. Warren Graff – The Reformation and the Ministry
  • Rev Joshua Scheer – Conservative and Radical Reformation – Then and Now
  • Dr. Matthew Phillips – Reformation Laity – Then and Now


Registration is now open. click here to register!

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