I Know My Faith is Founded

I know my faith is founded On Jesus Christ, my God and Lord;
And this my faith confessing,  Unmoved I stand on His sure Word.
Our reason cannot fathom The truth of God profound;
Who trusts in human wisdom  Relies on shifting ground,
God’s Word is all sufficient, It makes divinely sure;
And trusting in its wisdom, My faith shall rest secure.

luther-table-prayerI have the opportunity to substitute teach in public schools.  I observe behavior.  My experience as a Christian mother has given me a sensibility and skill in understanding behavior.  When I hear a child, no matter what the age, say “Oh, God,” I sense that the child is mimicking someone.  I sense that the child wants attention drawn to him by saying God’s name.  I sense that the child learned from someone that by saying God’s name one gains approval from others.  I sense the child has no clue he is calling to God.  I also sense the child has no clue who God is.  The child is trusting in human wisdom that relies on shifting ground.  Witnessing this makes me sad and frightened for the child and our culture, because I see this behavior as the norm and not the exception.

Increase my faith, dear Savior, For Satan seeks by night and day
To rob me of this treasure  And take my hope of bliss away,
But, Lord, with You beside me, I shall be undismayed;
And led by Your good Spirit, I shall be unafraid.
Abide with me, O Savior, A firmer faith bestow;
Then I shall bid defiance To ev’ry evil foe.

It is hard to understand how parents can lack humility before God.  It takes my breath away every time I see a newborn child.  God is an awesome Creator.  God so generously gives parents the opportunity and ability to love this child, their new neighbor.  It is a direct lifelong calling to the father and mother from God the Father in heaven to serve Him by loving their newborn child and neighbor.  What better love than to give the child treasures from heaven?  What Christian parents would not want to protect their child from Satan who seeks by night and day to destroy their child’s faith?

It is not easy to love our neighbor as ourselves.  With each child born, parents are dismayed and afraid.  Christian parents in humility and confidence make available in their home Jesus, the Redeemer of the World.  Christian parents in humility and confidence bring their child to Church where the Communion of Saints gather around the Word and Sacraments.  Christians learn to know that the comfort from the good Spirit gives a firmer faith to defy every evil foe.  It is the calling for every Christian father and mother to teach to their child to know and embrace the comfort from the good Spirit.

My experience in a home with children and substitute teaching is that the younger the child, the more conservative and set in his way he is in how to live in this life. The child does not like to change from what he has learned!  I teased a 1st grade teacher that she must enjoy having the status in that her students regarded her just a notch below God’s wisdom in how things should be done!  As annoying that can be, it also is a good lesson to parents to know how to bring up a child.  Set a routine at home and in the world and that is the routine the child will likely follow.  Whatever the parents treasure in their routine the child will likely treasure.   Christian parents set the routine in the family, home, and in the world centered around Jesus.  Christian parents want their child to be like the wise virgins with their lamps bright prepared for the Bridegroom and not like the foolish virgins that neglected to keep their lamps prepared or the foolish rich man that neglected loving his neighbor Lazarus.  Parents can give their children no greater love than to serve them with God’s Word!

In faith, Lord, let me serve You;  Though persecution, grief, and pain
Should seek to overwhelm me, Let me a steadfast trust retain;
And then at my departure, Lord, take me home to You,
Your riches to inherit  As all You said holds true.
In life and death, Lord, keep me Until You heav’n I gain,
Where I by Your great mercy The end of faith attain.
(LSB, 587)


I Know My Faith is Founded — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks, Mom. I agree that the younger the child the more conservative he is. I was just telling the ladies at the bank today, after they asked me how the new baby was doing, that little children are all sexists, because they are against working moms. They demand their attention. They laughed.

    I don’t look at that trait as a bad thing. Although, they are also communists. So thank God for his good mercy!

  2. “When I hear a child, no matter what the age, say “Oh, God,” I sense… I sense … I sense … I sense … I also sense the child has no clue who God is.”

    Senses (and imagination) can deceive. Aren’t educated, church-going Christians and their children sometimes known to blurt out expressions like that?

  3. The usual phrase around campus is, “Oh my God”; it’s common enough so that writers abbreviate to “OMG”. I asked a student why it was so prevalent; she said, “I don’t think that they know they said it.” [It’s just (real or pretended) surprise, as in “Like, Wow!”]

    She was a nominal Christian although I don’t think she and her family attended church.
    Possibly more of the users of the expression were the same; I didn’t take a poll.
    [Occasionally, I would remark, “God hears you, you know” and get a very strange expression in return. (The student I asked about it was probably correct.)]

  4. We should fear and love God so that we do not curse, swear, use satanic arts, lie or deceive by His name (or, I might add, toss it around like a beach ball at a rock concert) but call upon it in every trouble, pray, praise, and give thanks.

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