Rev. Dr. John Sias for Secretary of the Synod — Another Encouragement

Rev. Dr. Sias with his wife, Heidi

It is indeed an honor and a privilege to encourage the election of Rev. John W. Sias as Secretary of the LCMS. I have known Rev. Sias for approximately 3 ½ years, beginning with our service together on the 2013 Committee for Convention Nominations (CCN).

First, permit me to establish my perspective.  I am a lifelong member of the LCMS.  I have been a delegate to the Convention twice.  I have served on the Mission Floor Committee and the CCN twice. For 2013, Rev. Sias was Vice-Chairman of the CCN and I was Chairman, working closely with the Secretary’s office. For the past three years, I have chaired the Bylaw 3.2.5 Committee (dealing with synodical vacancies) and Rev. Sias was Vice-Chairman, working even more closely with the Secretary’s office.  I have served on the Board of Directors of Iowa District East twice, most recently as Chairman from 2001 to 2012. I have served on the Board of Governors of the Concordia Historical Institute, serving lastly as Vice-President. We have two sons ordained in the LCMS, one having attended each seminary. Our congregation has had two former Pastors elected as District Presidents. (I could go on….)

So, I believe I know “the lay of the land” pretty well, and have gotten to know Rev. Sias well.

Rev. Sias is one of the most unique and most capable men I have ever known. As soon as Rev. Hartwig said that he was not going to stand for reelection, I asked Rev. Sias if he would be interested.  I was privileged to enter a nomination for Rev. Sias.

He is confessional, brilliant, personable, a “quick study”, professional, energetic yet patient, hard working, and thoughtful, among other favorable attributes. He currently serves three congregations in Montana and was elected Second Vice-President of the Montana District. He seems to have an antenna for everyone and everything that goes on in the Synod. He is a good listener. His advance familiarity with the office of Secretary comes at least in part from the CCN work as well as from his service on the Commission for Constitutional Matters (CCM). He is at ease with electronic media, so important to the office in this age.  In fact, immediately upon earning his PhD in Engineering in 2005, he enrolled directly in the seminary.

I know and respect some of the other candidates listed for that office.  I would not speak against any of them, but I would clearly vote for Rev. Sias.  This man is very, VERY good!


                                                                                 Carl T. Egger, PhD

                                                                                 Muscatine, IA

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