LCMS Convention Day Four

2016-LCMS-Convention-Logo-1024x684-300x200The Fourth Day of the Convention has finished up.  The big thing today was the elections.  The United List fared very well.  Delegates weighing in the strengths of the candidates and also the trustworthiness of the list’s recommendations voted astoundingly to put 80 out of 90 United List recommended candidates into office.  The United List proved to know the right candidates to place in the right boards to serve our Synod.  There were a couple attempts to decry these “lists”, but frankly to accuse the delegation of being so easily susceptible to a list is to discredit the good delegates here this week.  They chose the people they wanted to elect.  There was no coercion.  There was no self-promotion by the United List candidates. Just good confessionally minded folks elected to office by delegates to the convention.  The end result – the convention which has helped restore Augsburg 14 to the LCMS (implementation will be key) also elected most of the candidates that the United List recommended.

As far as resolutions today, the convention opted to table the previously contentious 12-01A and instead approved 12-14, a “compromise” solution which gives the Council of Presidents consultation prior to the Board of Directors writing the required bylaws.  Other resolutions were passed and you can check them out in the official synod stuff.  Tomorrow will see a lot of resolutions that have not even been presented yet, and hopefully the delegates will use both sound reasoning and our orthodox faith to pass the good ones and decline the bad resolutions or amendments and such.

I will not be reporting on tomorrow, but perhaps one of the other writers who is in attendance will take up the task.  Remember delegates now serve their respective circuits for the next three years.

It has been encouraging to see some solid ground gained in regards to faithful practice in the LCMS and also to see good folks elected to serve in offices for the next 3-6 years.



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