Great Stuff — The Biblical Proof for LLDs? Show me the $$$$

A great podcast over at Table Talk Radio just in time for the convention!



With the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod discussing the practice of having a deacons licensed to preach and administer the sacrament, even though Jesus doesn’t authorize them to do so publicly, many have published propaganda to try and influence delegates to the church body’s convention. The Northwest District of the LCMS is among them with it’s latest video. Let’s see just how big a missionalist the Northwest District is.





Great Stuff — The Biblical Proof for LLDs? Show me the $$$$ — 9 Comments

  1. What is wrong with dual or tri-point parishes? As a former pastor, who resigned when divorced, hearing about LLD or in Canada we have “pastors with alternative training” PAT’s to justify getting a pulpit filled just shows how little we value properly trained pastors.

  2. Is missionalist a negative term as used here? Lord have mercy if we have decided to co-opt being on a mission as a negative posture towards God and World.

  3. You let the devil do double damage? Why would you abandon you post because the devil attacked your marriage? The Bible says that we are to “stand in the evil day,” and “resist the devil,” not “give place to the devil!” You let satan get “two for the price of one!” Is it too late for you to request restoration? The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few.

  4. Delwyn,

    What part of “husband of one wife” don’t you understand?

    I commend David for his integrity. It couldn’t have been easy.

  5. Delwyn,

    Theoretically I could have stayed in the ministry and served faithfully. However, as I have said countless times when a Grandma Schmidt or whoever would come up to me and ask why do I feel I can go against the “husband of one wife” as Pr Lehmann correctly points out. It would be easier if she came up and filled me full of lead from an oozee.

    That is the problem today we want to rationalize a way around God’s Word. No blessing of God can come from that.

  6. Being “on a mission” or a missionary is absolutely not negative. However, many (NOT all) of those who use the term “missional” espouse a non-biblical theology of mission. Thus, a missionalist may be described as one who either doesn’t care about how missions are done or who actively opposes the theology of mission given in the Scriptures.

    Most of those who I know who routinely describe themselves as missional deny the efficacy and sufficiency of the Word of God and, like Sarah and Rebekah, think that God’s promises will fail unless they help them along.

  7. @Ron straugh #2

    “Missional” seems to mean that the people in the pews on Sunday a.m. should “pray, pay and get out of the way” so the pastor (?) can play with the latest fad (non Lutheran in origin) said to attract someone, somewhere (although that often fails to occur).
    Eventually the regulars go looking elsewhere, either for a real Pastor, (or sometimes for better entertainment) and the pastor wonders what happened.
    [True story; names omitted to protect the guilty.]

    Lutheran Satire nails it, with the “story of the 4th servant”, I think.

    @David #7

    Theoretically I could have stayed in the ministry and served faithfully.

    If “Grandma Schmidt” implies that a single/celibate cannot serve as Pastor, she’s wrong. The BOC mentions that as a higher state than marriage, if voluntary.

    And there’s the rub…. 🙁

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