Convention Day One Recap

2016-LCMS-Convention-Logo-1024x684-300x200Today was a day of elections.  The Convention considered some resolutions (including some good national and international witness matters), but the main thing that happened today was the elections.  The Convention decided to reelect the incumbent Vice Presidents (with a shift in ranking), starting with 1st Vice President Herb Mueller, now 2nd Vice President Scott Murray, 3rd Vice President Nabil Nour, 4th Vice President John Wohlrabe, 5th Vice President Daniel Preus, and 6th Vice President Christopher Esget.  These men will continue to serve the Synod as they have been.

Former Nebraska District President now Professor Russ Sommerfeld gave a very good introduction to the past of Licensed Lay Deacons, and the process (investigation, research, and  involved in the task force, and then the floor committee which has come up with the Licensed Lay Deacon resolution (13-01A).  They have done a thorough job, worthy of thanks.  The floor committee has crafted a resolution which returns us to properly confessing Augsburg XIV and also is compassionate to all those men who have been serving.

The delgates seem to be wanting to get things done.  This is a good thing.  They care about their Synod and want to see it move ahead with good theology and a good confession and witness before everyone they meet.  There are a notable few bad apples who seem to be more interested in obstructing and delaying things (nit-picking matters and using procedural games), but the delegates seem to be more interested in getting some work done and being able to go back home with a sense of accomplishment.

Tomorrow promises to be a good day.  Lots of discussion opportunities.  Floor Committee 12 (Ecclesiastical Supervision) has time tomorrow, so it might be an opportunity to restore the historic practice of having checks and balances in the Dispute Resolution process.  This is a good thing and helps us all be accountable to someone else (after all, we are our brothers keeper).

Hopefully I will get a chance to report more tomorrow.

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