Book Review — Confessing the Scriptural Christ against Modern Idolatry

bookadvertRev. Philip Hale’s new book, “CONFESSING THE SCRIPTURAL CHRIST AGAINST MODERN IDOLATRY: Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Truth in Scientific and Biblical Conflict” is a must read for every serious LCMS theologian, whether pastor, professor, synodical official or layman.

Rev. Hale exposes how the “battle for the bible” in our Synod is far from over, by citing alarming statements made by current professors at both our seminaries, especially in the exegetical departments. If you think that man asserting himself as the authority over God’s Word was a problem resolved after the “walk-out”, think again. Destructive higher and lower criticism of God’s authoritative Word abound in our Synod today, both in the seminaries and in the parishes served by men trained by them. You will be scandalized, or should be, by hearing exactly how God’s words are being treated within our Synod.

Rev. Hale, in a most scholarly and childlike way, shows how one cannot adopt the modern and post-modern pseudo-scientific and atheistic suppositions and retain a faithful confession of the authoritative written words of God Almighty. He also faithful calls the LC-MS to repentance, which probably explains why he didn’t use an established publisher. While he gives a straightforward and fair critique of the errors, he also gives a faithful alternative—simply confess God’s words as the divine revelation and authority that they truly are, regardless if sinful man agrees or not. It will encourage you to be bold and confess the One Author of Scripture and all His words, even if you are mocked and labeled intolerant and narrow-minded. Like Luther, following the example of our Savior, we ought to make no plastic apologies, but consider it blessed to suffer for sake of God and His Word.

You can order his book for a reasonable price at Amazon ($14.99, or Kindle for $4.99).

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