A Good Conference on Goodness

CCLE1-vert-smNo, really! Not just a good conference, but a well-done conference on the topic of goodness! July 19-21, 2016 on the campus of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education (CCLE) will be holding their sixteenth annual conference. This year’s theme, “A Pedagogy of Goodness” is the second of a three-year conference series exploring beauty, goodness, and truth — ideals which classical education has sought since the time of Plato. Registration is still open to pastors, school teachers, homeschoolers, or anyone else interested.

The plenary speaker, Dr. Scott Ashmon, is author of The Idea and Practice of a Christian University.

The banquet speaker, Dr. Christian Kopff, is author of The Devil Knows Latin.

Other speakers include:

  • Dr. G. E. Veith — Moral Education and Literature
  • Dr. Steven Hein — Culture Wars: The Battle over Language for our Children
  • Dr. Angus Menuge — Liberation from Captivity: The Genius of Lutheran Liberal Arts Education
  • Dr. Thomas Korcok — How Piaget, Erikson, & Vygotsky Oppose Classical Education
  • Dr. Korey Maas — Natural Law: Classical, Lutheran, and Necessary
  • Dr. Jim Tallmon — Rhetoric as the Intellectual Love of God
  • Dr. Jackie Veith — CCLE Teacher Certification and School Accreditation
  • Rev. Paul Cain — Law and Gospel
  • Rev. Robert Paul — What is Lutheran about Classical Lutheran Education?
  • Cheryl Swope — What is Classical Lutheran Education?
  • Erika Mildred — Good Teaching and the Trivium

For more information on CCLE XVI, check out the conference flier here.

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