Steadfast Readers like good theology, good beer, good scotch, and they should have good coffee as well.

coffeeYou can have theology any time of the day.  However other gifts of God have their appropriate time.  In the morning, when you rise making the sign of the cross you may still be a little groggy and need a little pick me up as you begin your morning prayers (with family if possible).  Enter God’s great First Article Gift of coffee.  Now, we don’t just want you to buy something because it’s by a Lutheran (we’re not like those fundagelicals), but because it’s dang good coffee, specially roasted for Lutherans.  I am not sure if this means that Pr. Gillespie roasts the beans by lighting copies of Calvin’s Institutes on fire or what, but the coffee sure brews up nice and tastes good.  Each cup will help speed along your recitation of the Small Catechism that day.  Check it out, save time and never run out by subscribing.

Coffee by Gillespie

Special “Confessional Coffee Value Pack”


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