A Conference on Faithfulness to AC XIV — Go if you can!

gottesdienst header 3Gottesdienst, one of the best online and print Lutheran organizations out there is hosting a conference on Tuesday, May 17th in St. Louis for anyone that can go.  The theme is a great one for the Evangelical Lutheran Church – repentance and restoration of AC XIV in the LCMS.

This is also a great theme as the reincarnated “Jesus First” folks are once again making class warfare (I mean clergy vs. laity) an issue going into this year’s convention. Fitting then that President Harrison who has been championing a patient and careful restoration to AC XIV among the Synod is also going to be featured.  Also featured are some of the Synod’s best theologians, because the issue of who is given to preach, teach, and administer the Sacraments publicly is not a sociological question of class or power, but a question of calling and theology.  It is remarkable that one of the shortest and clearest articles of the Augsburg Confession can be so easily ignored – I pray that Synod can return to her first love and once again confess AC XIV without qualification.

From the Gottesdienst advertisement of the conference:

Removing the Asterisk:

Restoring an Unconditional Subscription to AC XIV in the LCMS 


Rev. Matthew C. Harrison, MDiv, LLD, DD, LCMS President

Rev. Heath R. Curtis, MA, MDiv, Gottesdienst Online Editor and LCMS Coordinator for Stewardship

Rev. D. Richard Stuckwisch, MDiv, PhD, Gottesdienst Online Editor

Rev. David H. Petersen, MDiv, STM, Gottesdienst Departmental Editor

Rev. Jason M. Braaten, MDiv, Gottesdienst Online Editor and Development Officer

Rev. Burnell F. Eckardt Jr., MDiv, STM, PhD, Gottesdienst Editor-in-chief

Rev. Benjamin T. Ball, MDiv, Pastor loci at St. Paul

Tuesday, May 17th              

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