Candidates get a turn.

CRMWe have seen what the 3-10A Task Force came up with – nothing decisive or substantial.  You can read the original resolution, report, and President Harrison’s letter asking for more input here.

Instead, President Harrison is using his authority to seek more information from the candidates mouths.  He has commissioned a number of men (who are or have been on “candidate” status [formerly known as CRM]) to come down to St. Louis to discuss the matter with him and his office directly.  This is good, as it bypasses the office of District President, which in our Synod is a fine example of “YMMV”.  Let the candidates come out of the shadows to speak of their experiences, this is good.  It will shed more light on the situation than maybe what the Synod President has already heard.  Sometimes St. Louis seems so very far from the parish, I am glad that President Harrison is bridging that distance in this case.

Maybe there can be some good suggestions for the Synod in Convention this summer to show some mercy to our pastors who find themselves in this situation and work hard to get them back to serving in the parish.


For more of this kind of first hand information, check out Pr. Alan Kornacki’s great book on this form of “Lutheran purgatory”.  Here as a PDF.  Here on Amazon.


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