URGENT — 3-10A Task Force Overture

2016_SynodConvention-side2With the upcoming (Feb 20th) deadline of overtures to the 2016 LCMS Convention (see this post), and the late arrival of the 3-10A Task Force Report (PDF file here), there is very little time to get an overture submitted to attempt to correct the issue raised at the 2013 convention. See also President Harrison’s Response to the report (PDF file).

If you have a congregational voter’s meeting scheduled prior to Feb 20th, please consider submitting this overture and get it submitted to synod for consideration at the 2016 convention.

See also Rev. Alan Kornacki’s blog post on it. Rev Kornacki is the author of the book Lutheran Purgatory, Pastors without Calls, reviewed here.

We of course continue to welcome submission of alternate overtures that address this or other problems in our synod.


To Amend Bylaw to Provide for the Placement of Candidates

WHEREAS, the 2013 Synod Convention passed Resolution 3-10A; and

WHEREAS, the 3-10A Task Force has submitted its report; and

WHEREAS, the 3-10A Task Force noted, “Short of changing Synod’s bylaws that will accommodate the placement of candidate status ministers as they do for first call graduates, we must continue to follow the existing call processes.”; therefore be it

Resolved, that Bylaw be amended with the addition of

(d) The Council of Presidents, acting as the Board of Assignments, regularly assign candidates of the Synod those calls that have been duly extended to fill active member positions as identified in Bylaw 2.11.1 for ordained and commissioned ministers if positions for which candidates are qualified are available.


Click here for a PDF of this overture.

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