Steadfast Lutherans Conference going on now in Tomball, Texas!


The Brothers of John the Steadfast conference is going on now in Tomball, Texas!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #bjs2016 (anyone tweeting from the conference, please use this hashtag!)

Or link to our page here on Twitter

We hope to have more information in the near future.


Steadfast Lutherans Conference going on now in Tomball, Texas! — 6 Comments

  1. @Elizabeth Peters #1

    Your comment seems unkind, Ms Peters.

    “This is a wonderful gift of both fellowship and teaching, where we come together — clergy and laity, adults and children, alike — to learn and discuss, proclaim and confess, eat and drink, listen and laugh. ” – Vanessa

  2. @Elizabeth Peters #1

    Usually, though not always, when someone rains on another’s parade, the rain comes from pain. Unfortunately, the online medium is not terribly conducive to learning what the pain is or ministering to it.

    We who care can only pray, “The Lord be with you, Elizabeth.”

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