2016 Conference Video Study — Reformation Preaching

The following are some reflection/study questions for watching the presentation by Pr. Hull on “Reformation Preaching”:

  1. Whose beard surpasses Pr. Hull’s beard?
  2. What is the serious problem Pr. Hull speaks about in the Synod?
  3. What’s the primary purpose of the sermon?
  4. What does it mean to preach the Gospel as a means to an end?  How is this different than preaching the Gospel?
  5. Is the crisis of preaching, specifically the sermon as a tool of the pastor’s agenda, a liberal or confessional problem?
  6. What is the point of preaching for the terrified conscience?
  7. What does AC VI say about faith and works?
  8. What word does Pr. Hull should be used more often by Lutheran preachers?
  9. What or who does the devil want you to focus on?
  10. What does it mean to “hand over Christ”?
  11. According to the Apology article IV, the worship of faith is that which…..?
  12. Why is the Law a good thing?
  13. Where the heart stands idle….?
  14. We all have Ph.D’s in excusing what?
  15. What does Luther teach in the house postils?
  16. What is a terrified conscience?
  17. What’s the point of the ministry?
  18. To whom are we preaching?
  19. What is the purpose of the “simul”?


For all of the videos from the 2016 Steadfast Lutherans Conference go to our YouTube page


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