Convention 2016: February deadlines approaching for nominations and overtures (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Convention 2016: February deadlines approaching for nominations and overtures

The deadlines are approaching for submitting nominations and overtures for this summer’s LCMS national convention (July 9-14 in Milwaukee). February 9 is the deadline for submitting congregational nominations for Synod President, First Vice-President, and other positions. February 20 is the deadline for congregations and/or circuit forums to submit overtures for the Convention Workbook. If your congregation (or circuit) has not yet done these things, now is the time to schedule the appropriate meetings.


Several months ago, your congregation received official nominating ballots. Your congregation should meet to discuss and determine nominations for several offices, and the official nominating ballots need to be completed, signed, and submitted by February 9. Nominate for these offices:

* President
* First Vice-President
* Regional Vice-President
* Regional members of the Board for National Mission
* Regional members of the Board for International Mission

Also, for congregations in the East-Southeast, Great Lakes or Great Plains regions:
* Regional lay member of the Synod’s Board of Directors

Regional map

The United List

THE UNITED LIST, as usual, offers some helpful recommendations for nomination. You can find them here:

The United List for 2016 Congregational Nominations

PDF version of the United List for Congregational Nominations


KEY: *= Incumbent; ( ) = District; Rev.= pastor or other ordained minister; Tchr.= teacher or other commissioned minister; Dcs.= deaconess; Dr.= earned Ph.D., M.D., etc.; Atty.= attorney or judge.

PRESIDENT – enter both candidates on ballot
Rev. Matthew Harrison*, Ballwin, MO (MO)
Rev. Herb Mueller, Jr. , Waterloo, IL (MO)

FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT – enter both candidates on ballot
Rev. Herb Mueller, Jr*, Waterloo, IL (MO)
Rev. Scott Murray, Houston, TX (TX)

Great Lakes: Rev. John Wohlrabe*, Saint Francis, WI (SW)
Great Plains: Rev. Nabil Nour*, Sioux Falls, SD (SD)
West-Southwest: Rev. Scott Murray*, Houston, TX (TX)
East-Southeast: Rev. Christopher Esget*, Alexandria, VA (SE)
Central: Rev. Daniel Preus*, Saint Louis, MO (MO)

Lay-Great-Lakes: Atty. James W. Carter*, Arlington Heights, IL (NI)
Lay-Great-Plains: Atty. Larry Harrington, Casper, WY (WY)
Lay-East-Southeast: Keith Frndak*, Saxonburg, PA (EA)

Ord/Com – Great Lakes: Rev. David C. Fleming, Grand Rapids, MI (MI)
Ord/Com – Great Plains: Rev. Steven C. Briel*, Corcoran, MN (MNS)
Ord/Com – West-Southwest: Rev. Alfonso Espinosa*, Lake Forest, CA (PSW)
Ord/Com – East-Southeast: Rev. Timothy J. Droegemueller*, Cumming, GA (FG)
Ord/Com – Central: Tchr. Martha J. Milas*, Champaign, IL (CI)
Lay – Great Lakes: Robert Knox, Geneva, IL (NI)
Lay – Great Plains: Carla M. Claussen*, New Brighton, MN (MNS)
Lay – West-Southwest: Carol Hack Broome, Santa Clara, CA (CNH)
Lay – East-Southeast: Julia Habrecht*, Alexandria, VA (SE)
Lay – Central: Dr. Gary Quick*, Edmond, OK (OK)
Lay – Central: Ernest E. Garbe*, Dieterich, IL (CI)

Ord/Com – Great Lakes: Rev. David P. Stechholz, Livonia, MI (EN; cong. in MI district)
Ord/Com – Great Plains: Rev. Bernhard M. Seter*, Grafton, ND (ND)
Ord/Com – West-Southwest: Rev. Samuel Cosby, Houston, TX (TX)
Ord/Com – East-Southeast: Rev. Juan A. Gonzalez*, Lehigh Acres, FL (FG)
Ord/Com – Central: Rev. John F. Temple*, Saint Charles, MO (MO)
Lay – Great Lakes: Atty. K. Allan Voss*, Sheboygan, WI (SW)
Lay – Great Plains: Robert Van Gundy*, Saint Paul, MN (MNS)
Lay – West-Southwest: Terence Lung, Sunnyvale, CA (CNH)
Lay – East-Southeast: James Wolf, Presto, PA (EN; cong. in EA district)
Lay – Central: Dr. Kristine Bruss, Topeka, KS (KS)


Congregations and/or circuit forums may submit overtures to the Convention Workbook. These are the “Whereas” and “Resolved” proposed resolutions that will be taken into consideration by the various floor committees for possible action on the convention floor.

Overtures on important issues are helpful to give the floor committees material to work with. For example, congregations and circuits could submit overtures on issues such as these: phasing out licensed lay deacons; tightening and upgrading the Specific Ministry Pastor (SMP) program; strengthening Lutheran identity at our Concordias; reforming the Dispute Resolution Process (DRP) and doctrinal discipline; rescinding 2004 Res. 3-08A on the service of women; etc.

If your circuit has not yet scheduled a forum for considering overtures, talk to your pastor and your circuit visitor.

For all questions about convention procedures, contact the office of the Synod Secretary, Raymond Hartwig.

Your “one-stop-shopping” page for further information and links on things convention is this: National LCMS Convention

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