Martin Luther’s Christmas Book Bulletin Insert

martinLuther-ChristmasBookIs your parish Christian education wanting another way to promote:

  • use of the church’s library
  • reading Martin Luther
  • bringing the Gospel stories of Advent and Christmas alive?

If you have a copy of Martin Luther’s Christmas Book, edited by Roland Bainton in your church library? Then you can use the below bulletin insert.

If you don’t yet have this book in the church library, consider purchasing it at:


To download the bulletin insert, click here.




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T. R. Halvorson was born in Sidney, Montana on July 14, 1953, baptized at Pella Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sidney, Montana on November 8, 1953, and confirmed at First Lutheran Church in Williston, North Dakota in 1968. He and his wife, Marilyn, are members of Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Sidney, Montana. They have three sons and six grandchildren. T. R. farms at Wildrose, North Dakota, and is Deputy County Attorney in Sidney, Montana. He has been a computer programmer; and an author, conference speaker, instructor, and consultant to industry in online legal information. He is among the authors of the religion column in the Sidney Herald at Sidney, Montana. He is the Editor of


Martin Luther’s Christmas Book Bulletin Insert — 3 Comments

  1. And making room in your church or home library for copies of Martin Luther’s Christmas Book can add to your celebration with Lutherans around the world of the 495th anniversary of Luther’s December 10th bonfire.

    You can start your bonfire with commemorative copies of Exsurge Domine, the Decretals of Clement VI, the Summa Angelica and the Chrysposus of Dr. Eck, along with copies of the JDDJ and more recent papal bulls.

    Then to really get the fire going you can toss into the bonfire those unwanted copies of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life, Bruce Wilkinson’s The Prayer of Jabez, Larry Rast’s “Demagoguery or Democracy? The Saxon Emigration and American Culture,” David P. Scaer’s “Rast, Vehse, and Walther,” the CTCR’s Together with All Creatures: Caring for God’s Living Earth and Immigrants Among Us: A Lutheran Framework for Addressing Immigration Issues, and, let’s not forget, the LCMS/BSA’s Memorandum of Fabulous Understanding.

    Oh!! And don’t forget to bring some bratwurst and marshmallows to roast!

    And if you get any envirowacko literature warning that your bonfire produces CO2 and contributes to global warming, toss those in the fire, too.

  2. I’ve been asked to explain the comments in Post #1. Well, let’s look at the five paragraphs:

    1. Here I connect the promotion of Martin Luther’s Christmas Book to an upcoming anniversary of an important event in Luther’s life – his very blatant response to Leo’s threat to excommunicate him. Did everyone see the linked picture?

    2. Here are some helpful hints to start the anniversary Wittenberg-style bonfire in historical style, and including some more modern documents. You’ll need to google to get copies of the named documents.

    3. To make room in a library for those ordered copies of Martin Luther’s Christmas Book, there are additionally suggested documents, which may be in a library and are of no significant value for Lutherans. These can be added to get a large bonfire needed for the suggestions in the fourth paragraph. Other posters can probably name other books and documents to include.

    4. All that library space-making and bonfire work require food.

    5. Since Pres. Harrison noted, under oath, “We represent a large church body. The constituents are in some way evenly divided between Democrats and Republican,” I added the last paragraph in anticipation that some LCMS members in the former political group might object to the anniversary Luther bonfire adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

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