Satan’s Catechism

Satan StatueA thought-provoking article in Touchstone magazine gave me inspiration for this article. Dr. Marcus Johnson wrote “Who’s Your Teacher?” in the September / October issue of Touchstone. The by-line of the article was “Our Sacred Duty to Teach the Devil to Death.” Dr. Johnson got me thinking about the subject of “Satan’s Catechism.” In a similar manner to C.S. Lewis, who wrote The Screwtape Letters to give people an insight into the Devil’s wily ways, wouldn’t it be helpful for people to have Satan’s Small Catechism in their hands – written out, easily memorized, so that they can know and identify what he believes, teaches, and confesses in his attempt to tear them asunder from Christ?

It would not be hard to write, edit, and publish Satan’s catechism, because it my “heart language” (I think I may have just thrown up a little in my mouth having used that phrase). Because of my inherited, sinful nature Satan’s catechism flows from my will, my mouth, and my hands with ease. My old Adam can quote Satan’s catechism with ease and he loves to keep its table of duties.

Initially my goal for this article was to use my creative energies to give you a copy of Satan’s catechism, but then I thought, “I’m not the only expert in this matter.” I also thought it would be easier to edit the catechism than write it.  Finally, I’m enlisting you because the editors of Brothers have been after us writers to publish some articles quickly because “the hopper is running low.” (I think I may have actually just given you an example of keeping Satan’s Small Catechism by self-justifying my sloth.)

So, here’s your mission (because the church should be missional) should you decide to accept it. Contribute to Satan’s Small Catechism. Use your understanding of the Father of Lies and expose his works and ways here. What are his six chief parts? What are his commandments? What is his creed? his sacraments? his table of duties?

I will begin with a few contributions:

The Creed of Satan: I believe God is love and He wouldn’t judge anyone.

Many have said that abortion is the sacrament of liberals. Abortion certainly is one of Satan’s Sacraments because it stands in complete opposition to Jesus’ Word in Mark 9, “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.” (9:37 ESV). The Christian life is lived outside of self in faith toward God and love toward neighbor. Abortion is an unholy “sacrament” that confesses faith and love in self and hatred towards your nearest and weakest neighbor.

Write away!

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