Bishop Asiago of Kenya Tours the LCMS to Share the Plight of the ELCK, by Pr. Rossow

Bishop Thomas Asiago logged over 4,000 miles, met over 1,500 LCMS members, including 30 pastors and 3 presidents in the last few weeks. He was warmly received and was able to tell the story of the beleaguered Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya.

We have reported the plight of the ELCK in other blog posts. Since the only word we tend to get from the ELCK  is from Bishop Obare, who locked rightly elected delegates out of the church convention, a few Americans raised the money to bring Bishop Asiago here to tell the story and to make acquaintances.

Bishop Asiago is the rightly elected Presiding Bishop of the ELCK but Bishop Obare will not step aside. Obare is also continuing to rule the church as an overlord, even taking Bishop Asiago’s vehicle from him and excommunicating those who disagree with him.

Many LCMS’ers still continue to support projects in the ELCK. We strongly caution against that since we ourselves and the Kenyans see these dollars wasted and squandered and there is precious little evidence of the success of these programs.

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