A lion? You’re kidding, right?

Youre kidding rightA lion? You are kidding, right? You’re outraged over the killing and beheading of a lion – even feverishly so – and with heartfelt concern for international justice you are considering Zimbabwe’s demand for extradition of the American citizen who did it?

This has to be a joke. You’re serious?

Mr. President, weren’t there some videos released recently revealing, undeniably, the Nazi-like practices of Planned Parenthood – routine transactions caught on film and illuminating giddy doctors sifting through fetal remains calling out body parts like a nightmarish game of sinister bingo? These were not blobs of cells, Mr. President. Look at the photos. Watch the videos. These were clearly and definably, infant children. Tiny fingers and toes attached to mangled little arms and legs. Eyeballs protruding from petite but crushed skulls. And based upon some of the discussions in the videos as well as reports with regard to videos yet to be released, there is the high probability that this has been happening to little ones who were born alive and could have survived outside of the womb with proper medical care. Does this not bother you, even if only a little? Does it call for justice? Does it call for anything at all, or is it too humdrum and better left to the attention of others because it already happens thousands of times a day in America, because it deals with human life and does not rise to a level of presidential priority as celebrity zoological life apparently does?

A lion? Really?

Isn’t there an American pastor, Saeed Abedini, being imprisoned in Iran for nothing more than speaking about Jesus, a man whose family has been petitioning you to seek after his release ever since he was detained in 2012? By the way, weren’t you just in a rather detailed brokering with Iran, one of such incredible gravity that working this man’s release into the details would have been as significant as asking the Iranian ambassador to pass the salt?

A lion? A beast of the field? Really?

Wasn’t there a young woman, Kathryn Steinle, killed recently by an illegal alien and convicted felon who’d already been deported five times and yet was continually allowed shelter in one of the so-called sanctuary cities that you’ve instructed your Justice Department not to challenge? Have you phoned the Steinle family to comfort them and to assure them of justice as you did Michael Brown’s? Are you aware of the troubling contrast of these images? Does it concern you?

You want justice for a lion?!

There are people around the world being crucified, stoned, beheaded, burned alive, thrown from buildings, strapped to explosives, hacked limb from limb, drowned in cages, sold as sex slaves… and all because they bear the title “Christian.” This…THIS…is international injustice! Look! Open your eyes and look!

Mr. President, clearly you are insane. And as I’ve written here before, what you are doing remains indefensible. You are willingly and deliberately choosing the wrong sides as our executive leader. You are choosing to stand with the lions, the predators, the monsters.

I will continue to pray for you, Mr. President, just as my Lord through His Word has instructed me to do (1 Timothy 2:2). I will pray for Divine wisdom’s hand to guide you, to lead you to seek a better way, to urge you to engage with a more acute consciousness. Within these same prayers, I will continue to ask my Lord to strengthen His body, the church, that she would remain steadfast in the Faith in the coming days and always. Indeed, the courage required of her for facing the monsters has been and continues to be comparable to that of the young shepherd boy, David, who spoke with an unearthly confidence before stepping out to face the colossal Goliath: “For who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God? …Your servant has struck down both lions and bears, and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be like one of them…” (1 Samuel 17:26, 36). And again, as the king: “Though an army encamp against me, my heart will not fear; though war arise against me, yet will I be confident” (Psalm 27:3).


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  1. Thank you, Pastor, for a much-needed reminder of what the church is facing these days–not only from the left hand kingdom but from our erring brethren in the right hand kingdom, as well. Prayers and Word-inspired courage is needed by and for pastors and congregations in these last days. Come, Lord Jesus!

  2. Yes, we are truly in the last days when we are outraged by the death of predatory beasts and see no value in an unborn human child but the monetary so we abort and then sell its parts to assuage our guilt. When it is justified and fine to dissect unborn children for “research”…research, I might add, that has shown no healing from fetal cells because they are too undifferentiated…but we protest and burn the buildings of those same research institutes for experimenting on animals which have been proven to bring about medicines and cures. When our government sees no reason to stop these heinous acts by Planned Parenthood, who does not plan parenting except to end it, and literally pays for its “services”, thus giving our tax payer dollars to a for-profit entity because they supposedly help? women. A government who squeezes blood from it’s peoples finances to promote the death and destruction of future generations so that it can retain it’s power and bankroll. Of course the irony is, as they destroy the generations who would support and bankroll them, they destroy their chances to continue in office, so illegals are now their mainstay… Illegals who maim, rape and kill our productive,law-abiding citizens Yes, we are in the last days. Lord Jesus, come QUICKLY.

  3. Just because it seems like people are focusing more on the life of one of God’s creatures, it doesn’t mean those people aren’t as equally upset about the life of those made in his own image. People are allowed to be outraged by both Cecil the Lion and the actions of Planned Parenthood.

    Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that you be not judged.”

  4. Judge with righteous judgement. This is what Pastor Chris T. is doing in this article. The lion will with all god’s creation rise again on the last day. But the lion is not in danger of and will not suffer the eternal consequenses of an unrepentant heart and life.
    Go Chris!

  5. “Judge not, that you be not judged” is in reference to someone judging from a stance of being morally superior and not thinking they are also sinners. The scriptures commend us to rebuke those who are morally corrupt using the scriptures as the standard, not our own corrupt lives. I was not saying I don’t think we should care for the animals God has created. We were commanded to do that. What was being stated is that animal rights are NOT more important than human rights. The actions of these people outraged over animals and silent about the abortion issue is what was being addressed. I’ve been reading not only the posts but the replies and it’s amazing what has been expressed in trying to justify abortions and how the person who hunted this animal was not just vilified but is being threatened with his life. No one is threatening the people at the abortion mills in the same way and yet human lives are being taken.

  6. Thank you, Pastor Thoma for expressing so clearly what many of us are thinking. We are nonplussed with the exponential speed of our national ruin. Morality has been inverted and turned on its head. Isaiah 5:20-21, Romans 1:22-25.

    “Mr. President, clearly you are insane.”

    I’m left with no other conclusion unless you consider demon possession.

  7. Could it be that since many in our country reject Christ and His gospel, that we get the leader(s) we deserve?

  8. Ahh. I see now and understand better. Well, the Lord will judge us all when it is our time. God be with you till we meet again.

  9. @F. Shirk #2

    we are outraged by the death of predatory beasts and see no value in an unborn human child but the monetary so we abort and then sell its parts to assuage our guilt

    I would suggest that turning the unborn and destroyed child into butchers’ meat for profit does not “assuage” guilt but increases it.

    Re the “mighty hunter”: I wonder what in a man leads him to think he has done something notable when he puts a lion’s head on his den wall! He risked nothing! The guides led the lion to him (out of a reserve where the lion was known and used to people taking photographs, no doubt). The dentist could with equal valor display the head of his neighbors’ St Bernard!
    He put the life of a lion family in danger; a strange lion taking over the females will kill the young. [A stray tom cat invading the barnyard will also kill kittens.]

    These are two different stories; that so much is being made of the dentist merely shows us how badly the mainstream media want to talk about anything but “Planned Parenthood”!

    If there is anything to reflect on here, it’s that some species are “protected by law” in their country, while children in ours are “fair game”.

  10. Thank you, Helen.
    Perfectly posted. It’s rather irksome, to be told I have to choose, what I am to abhor or be incensed about. Both, thank you, for very, very different reasons.

    There is one thing they both have in common: blood money.

  11. Pastor Thoma,
    These are all things, that so many abhor. It isn’t just one, thing. So many I know, post about our brothers & sisters in peril, I would NEVER, knowingly allow a med, to be administered to me, if it came from a baby, and this country, is no longer a Republic it is a Democracy. That is driven by which party holds 1600 Penn Ave & the House.

    You struck a cord, w/this post. Life, as a our Heavenly Father, created it, is no longer His. Nor is marriage, adultery came far before, anything else, self murder, for whatever reason, etc.

    It should make us angry, for all, all of it. We need to remember, what He, our Lord, said would come. He warned us.

    Come Lord Jesus, come quickly, Thy people, have need of Thee.

  12. During the past two thousand years, we gentiles have never felt the kind of responsibility Jews feel for the world. To them it is not either a lion or a person. It has to be both. If anyone knows of a people more persecuted, tortured, despised, exiled, or killed, in the entire history of the world, please speak up. They have earned the right to speak about cruelty and injustice, whether to people or to animals. Too many gentiles complain that they should stop already with their insistence on being a persecuted people. Better they should be concerned about lions. Yet it is they, not Christians who have become the guardians of justice and righteousness in the world – for people and for lions. You may want to read the opinion of one rabbi on this subject: http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/rabbis-round-table/.premium-1.670344
    Peace and Joy!
    George A. Marquart

  13. @George A. Marquart #16

    Not quite sure, where you were intending to go with this. It’s odd, one would call us gentiles. I know quite a few, that abhor, everything Pastor wrote about. Crossing many, Denom. lines.
    Coming from Jewish decent, it’s the only genealogy, if a Christian, to a practicing Jew, you are no Jew. Rest of the world, so very. It isn’t a “Jewish” thing, to value, all life, the O.T. is just as important, to any Lutheran, as the Gospel is. We do speak up & out. I know what I & those I know, have done or endeavored, to stop or change, the issues in this article.
    As far as, Haaretz, not where I go or look. I check Jerusalem Post, they have a Christian section.
    What does what you posted, have to do, with the article? Forgive me, maybe I missed something.

  14. Dutch (@17), thank you for your thoughtful comment. I read the posting on this blog a few days before I saw the Haaretz article. It gnawed at me because of the strident tone and because of the lack of respect, which would have been unthinkable 50 years ago. But today’s youth, having grown up in affluence (I know, many would say they were poor all their lives, and one does not become a pastor to get rich. But poverty in the US is still better than the standard of living of 95% of the world’s population), lacks respect and good manners. When I was young, one simply did not say that the President was insane. We were brought up differently.
    The idea our Lord offered, when He said, Luke 6:23, “Rejoice in that day, and leap for joy, for behold, your reward is great in heaven; for so their fathers did to the prophets”, was not something the author thought of.
    So when I saw the Haaretz article, it occurred to me that the Jews are entitled to call attention to their plight, but the writer of the article chose not to. Instead, he concentrated on the idea of evil and cruelty among people in general – both Jews and gentiles.
    As to the difference between Jews and gentiles, I have and had many very close Jewish friends. There came a time where I thought I understood what it is to be a Jew – and then I was thoroughly disabused of that notion. Details too long to explain. But that does not mean I lost my sympathy for Jews, either Christian or not. It may be convoluted, but that is what what I posted has to do with the article.
    I read Haaretz and JPost on alternate days.
    Peace and Joy!
    George A. Marquart

  15. @George A. Marquart #18

    Thank you George. I understand a wee bit better, now.
    I was taught, to respect the authority, placed above you, as per Scripture. I was also taught, to respect the office, yet not always the one who holds it. The 2, sadly are not always the same. Pastors, are still people too, and we all have the right, to speak up & out, for the Christian Faith & under the rights, of our nation, for that nation.
    Life, in whatever form, no longer holds, what He instituted it to be, anymore.
    Marriage, no longer holds, what it was instituted, to be. Honor for authority, is no longer, either. It’s not rocket science, He said what would come & told us what to do, once it does.
    Pastor did, in this article. I have been slammed, for being: the wrong Synod, wrong type of Lutheran, being Lutheran, being a Christian, far more, than any ignorant insult, on my genealogy, that only happened twice.
    No, Pastor Thoma, just stated, in writing, what so many say in public & in private.
    I have said, far worse, I lead that disrespectful line, if that is what one, chooses to call it.
    I have yet to see a Pastor or laity, fashion a whip, in full public view, in anger, condemn or publically tell anyone, they will not see, the Kingdom of God. But Christ did, we tend to forget, He was man, yet fully a HOLY GOD.
    If you know your Biblical history, it’s not tough, to see parallels, in that age & our own.
    Pastor was right, in saying what he said in this article. I would not, have been as diplomatic, had it been me.

  16. Et tecum, Dutch. The only problem with 2 Timothy 3 is that “the last days” seem to be repeating themselves over and over again. Even St. Paul urges Timothy to stay away from people who behave as if the “the last days” had already arrived. I am pretty certain that American society was very different when I came here in 1949 – a better one. Yet I have read writers from Socrates to Solzhenitsyn lamenting the decay of their societies. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, says the Prophet. Except for the hope that is in us.
    Peace and Joy!
    George A. Marquart

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