Becker Suspended

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God grant repentance through this enacting of the Law.


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Pastor Joshua Scheer is the Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Brothers of John the Steadfast. He oversees all of the work done by Steadfast Lutherans. He is a regular host of Concord Matters on KFUO. Pastor Scheer and his lovely wife Holly (who writes and manages the Katie Luther Sisters) have four children and enjoy living in Wyoming.


Becker Suspended — 91 Comments

  1. Thanks Carl Vehse #50 for reminding us of proper meaning of greater and lesser ban. Not sure why this confusion continues.

  2. Repentance has an “a” in it. Pastor Scheer, could you correct your OP to reflect that?


  3. > tantamount to thanking a fire engine’s siren for extinguishing a house fire

    This sarcasm is entirely in line with the majority of stuff said here about this matter.

  4. @Randy Yovanovich #43

    “Thanking the Rev. Dr. Harrison for the outcome of the Becker case is tantamount to thanking a fire engine’s siren for extinguishing a house fire.”

    Rather than demean Harrison’s role, I would liken Harrison’s role to the person who called 911. Or, better, the fire chief who answered the call at the station.

    But, I know that is too much to ask here. TW

  5. And of course, a fire chief who answers an emergency call doesn’t expect to be thanked.

    But only the most ungrateful would mock him with sardonic thanks –much less blame him for the fire. TW

  6. For David Schumacher . . . that should have been May 30 when we received your application, not June 30 . . . I keep thinking I’m Dr. Who. Sorry about that.

  7. @Todd Wilken #62

    Pastor Wilken,

    Rev. Dr. Harrison does indeed deserve praise and thanks, and he has received it. Apparently, that isn’t good enough. You seem to be postured in a righteous cheerleading campaign for the good Rev. Dr. Harrison. Rev. Dr. Harrison has received an appropriate amount of praise for what he did. Nothing more and nothing less.

  8. From what has been presented and revealed to the masses, thanking the Rev. Dr. Harrison for the outcome of the Becker case is tantamount to thanking a fire engine’s siren for extinguishing a house fire…

    …Rev. Dr. Harrison does indeed deserve praise and thanks, and he has received it.

    I’m having a little trouble following you today, Randy. 🙂

  9. I’m sure Pastor Harrison will address this issue at
    some point. The LCMS is very transparent about such things.

  10. How about “all youse guys” stop squabbling about “who gets the credit” and praise God instead that this mission seems to be accomplished! (Prayers for repentance might also be in order for anyone/everyone who buys into false doctrine.)

    There is no lack of heterodox teaching in synod. 🙁 God give us more Pr. Forke’s in District offices. [And you know who has to pray and work to help put them there!]

    Pray as if all depended on God (which it does); work as if all depended on you. (It doesn’t but we are still expected to do as much as we are able.)

  11. @Todd Wilken #69

    Your POV is based on the premise that Harrison should receive more praise than he earned. Think about it. Harrison is the SYNOD PREZ, for goodness sake. Of all people he should be the confessional leader. He was not. He failed to complete the task and left it to DPs to do his handy work. Have you no knowledge of what a leader is?

  12. @Jim Pierce #56

    Later this summer my family and I will be joining Christ Lutheran Church (ELCA)

    When I need to make a move, I’m gone the next Sunday. ;\

  13. @Randy Yovanovich #71

    “Have you no knowledge of what a leader is?”

    Not really. But I do know what a pastor is. And, Harrison is one.

    I don’t think Harrison should receive praise. Just credit for doing what we elected him to do.

    And I forgot to mention, I’m not “posturing” as a cheerleader. I am one. I’ve been a Harrison cheerleader since 2006. The intervening years have given me little reason to stop.


  14. @Randy Yovanovich #71

    Of all people he should be the confessional leader. He was not.

    Randy, I don’t think you or anybody else knows that! Considering the sorry bunch of officers in the Council of Presidents, I can imagine Matt Harrison has a uphill fight every time he has to go there.

    Be thankful for those DP’s who will work with him for the good of all of us!
    Pray for more of them!

    [And when did you last see a General in the front lines!?]

  15. My dear friend Kathy Forke would appreciate prayers for her eldest son Terry…
    BTW, she had no idea any of this was going on…

  16. @Todd Wilken #73

    We elected the Rev. Dr. Harrison to uphold the LCMS doctrine. He has positioned himself as a politician instead. He is the PRESIDENT! Yet, action has occurred only as a result of district initiatives. SP Harrison is a weak leader at best. However, you stated that “we blame him for the fire.” This is simply not the case. The fire was started by heterodox pastors, but the fire was Stoked as a result of faulty leadership. You know this, yet you continue to defend the actions of a weak leader. Harrison is weak and depends on the actions of others. NOT GOOD.

  17. > depends on the actions of others

    Sounds like what a humble, praying man would do, to a large extent. Pastor Harrison made very clear statements about Becker that a politician would not have made. The leader can shout the right words from the highest hill. They can plant the right flag up there too. Can’t do a lot more, but those actions are extremely valuable.

  18. @Todd Wilken #76

    Harrison is more than a Pastor. He’s the Synod President, for goodness sake. His actions are weak at best. Becker was removed inspite of Harrison.

  19. AND THAT IS A WRAP. Anyone who would like to use this thread to comment further on the leadership of President Harrison or his pastoral abilities will have their comments deleted.

    I hope that more information can be shared in the future on this process that led to Dr. Becker’s suspension and pending expulsion.

    A member of the LCMS has been suspended due to false teachings. He has stated his desire to go to the apostate ELCA. Pray for his repentance. And those of you who are skeptical, overcome your skepticism with faith in God’s promise to hear our prayers.

  20. What is sad is now the eastern and English dp’s are going to try to stop any further defrocking of liberal pastors, in the future, and any other dp’s who support groups like fivetwo, etc.

  21. Matthew Becker: “Having suffered through those three previous heresy trials”

    What trials?!? Late last year DP Linnemann’s Referral Panel decided not to initiate formal Dispute Resolution Panel proceedings (what Becker calls a “heresy trial”). In the last 17 years were there other Dispute Resolution Panel proceedings (“heresy trials”) that found Becker innocent of the charges?

  22. @Pastor Joshua Scheer #81

    Becker, from ALPB this morning:
    “Pres. Linnemann’s decision to suspend me was not made in a vacuum. You might recall that several districts passed resolutions that referred to both me and him. You might also recall that these district resolutions were the direct result of President Harrison’s Facebook remarks about me (which were quoted in the resolutions). Pres. Harrison’s remarks were used in these resolutions to apply pressure to Pres. Linnemann.

  23. Immediately prior to that statement Becker had claimed:

    “Pres. Linnemann made it very clear to me that he did not want to suspend me. In light of many factors, he very reluctantly asked for my resignation, but I told him I could not in good conscience resign.”

    And following the quote given in #84, Becker stated:

    “I don’t know all of the factors that led Pres. Linnemann to suspend me, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to imagine the kinds of pressures he has been receiving from Pres. Harrison and members of the COP vis-a-vis me over the past several years.”

    And in a later comment, Becker stated:

    “Perhaps someday Pres. Linnemann will be able to share more details from his perspective.”

  24. Carl,
    Pastor Scholz is a member pastor in good standing on roster, was Pastor Henney called and serving? If so, the LCMS must be late on updating the site.

  25. “Pastor” Henney resigned from the XXXA after he admitted being a serial adulterer with members of his Wisconsin congregation. Later he performed invalid marriages in his Vegas wedding chapel business, and then made it through Step 8 of 14 in the Pastoral Colloquy: Application Process without any problem from the PSW District President who was supposed to perform background checks and look at the answers to Application questions like:

    Sexual Immorality? Yes / No
    Improper or dishonorable conduct of any kind in any type of legal proceedings? Yes / No
    Suspended, disqualified, censured, or had disciplinary or ouster proceedings instituted against you as a member of any profession or organization? Yes / No
    Dismissed or asked to resign from any employment or position you have held? Yes / No
    Are you aware of anything else in your personal background which could jeopardize or disqualify you for the pastoral ministry? Yes / No

    Instead, after Henney was already preaching at an LCMS congregation, and presumably after a required personal interview, Henney’s name was submitted for colloquy by the PSW District President, with “his strong endorsement and sponsorship of the applicant.”

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