District Conventions Updates…. Post them here

LCMS_corporate_sealDistrict Conventions have begun and are currently at a frenzy.  Feel free to give news in the comments of interesting resolutions, speakers, and elections from your own district (keeping in mind the comment policy here at BJS).

My own convention went well, but then again, it usually does.  My recollections (not official by any means) We elected a new DP, Rev. John Hill (our old DP who has done a very good job in the district is retiring).  We also passed a resolution for the district to investigate offering a district high school education (classical education).  We also passed a resolution that reiterated that Law and Gospel is the only “paradigm” that is faithful to our Lutheran confessions and rejected all other efforts to replace or supersede or improve on that.  We also passed something onto Synod to request the Concordia University System to start offering some “track” of teacher education that could supply teachers to classically based schools.  1st VP Herb Mueller was there on behalf of Synod to present the President’s report.

Other conventions are ongoing.  You have already heard some from Northern Illinois.  Rocky Mountain is happening right now.  I hear that Kansas elected a new District President, Peter Lange, who is confessional, that is good (and the majority of VPs to support him).  Many of the incumbents are of course getting reelected (Pres. Hennings in Texas).  There will be a new DP in Atlantic District too as President Benke retires.  South Dakota elected a new DP as well.

So as you attend or hear news, feel free to post it in the comments.


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