BJS Update – a new Associate Editor and more….

BrothersofJohntheSteadfastIt has taken a little while to get things in order since taking over the organization and the blog, but things are beginning to move.  First and foremost for the blogs’ sake, we now have an Associate Editor to help out – our very own Pr. Eric Andersen.  He has shown dedication and hard work in his blogging for us, co-hosting Steadfast Throwdown, and the many other things that he is involved with (Around the Word Bible Studies to name one of the best).  He also preserves the St. Louis/Fort Wayne balance here.

Congratulations to Pr. Andersen!  As a bonus your “electability” factor in the LCMS just went down ten points!

Some other things going on at BJS – we are developing some great new projects that are being headed up by some of the best.  You have already seen (and hopefully keep reading) the Sisters of Katie Luther site, but soon there will be things for something we are calling “Steadfast in the Parish” which will be more than a helpful resource for parishes.  A project called “Steadfast Disputation” is also under way. There is one more major project which is under way as a cooperative work of many of the best organizations that Lutheranism has to offer that will benefit Lutheran laity greatly (but more on that later).  We are also working on a new conference, which will likely take place down in Texas!

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