A Domestic Benediction for Christian Householders

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GOD the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, Most Holy Trinity, unto Thee I commit, for Thine own, this house and all it shelters. This house is Thine, therefore, enter now with Thy train of blessing. Thine is the soul of the householder and of all that are his. Thine are their bodies. Our Father, Who hast created us, together with all things, preserve us in body and soul unto everlasting life.

O Son of God, Who hast redeemed us, grant us to participate in the merit of Thy life and death. Holy Ghost, Who dost gather us into the kingdom of grace by the Word and Sacrament, preserve us in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and help us to follow the example of His humility unto our end.

Comfort us, Most Holy Comforter, When our sins distress us. Spirit of Truth, preserve us against all errors that can endanger our souls, and against every wile of the devil and the machinations of the world. Spirit of Holiness, sanctify us wholly, that we may be changed from glory to greater glory, until we attain the perfect image of Jesus Christ. Spirit of Joy, remove all sorrow from us, slay the old man of sin and his whims within us, and grant us minds centered upon heaven, that our hearts may cleave to that other world where Jesus Christ, our Most Precious Treasure is. So work in us that we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and be Thine in body and soul, in life and in death, for time and eternity.

O Lord, Thou hast promised that all other things shall be added unto them who seek first Thy kingdom and its righteousness. We beseech Thee, of Thy gracious goodness, grant us also these other things, so far as they may be good and needful for us. Bless our fields and meadows, our vineyards and our gardens. Send us the rains in due time, and grant us fruitful seasons. Preserve us from failure of harvest, from hail and tempest. Fill cellar and garner with Thy blessing, that we may enjoy Thy gifts with gratitude and also have sufficient to share with the needy. Preserve house and home from danger by fire and water, and both man and beast from pestilence and sudden plague. All fruit and food that is in the house, bless Thou unto the nourishment of our bodies. Cover Thou all our possessions as with a shield.

Build Thy walls round about us against Satan and all his host, against thieves and robbers. Let the dishonest be made known, and preserve us against any Judas among us. Make known also if there be any unrighteous possession in this house, that we may put the curse from us. Watch over the purity of our bodies, that in this house none may fall into dishonor or evil repute. If in this house some mother come unto the hour of her labor, grant her the favor of Thy countenance and turn her anguish into joy. Let Thy peace from heaven come upon all, so far as this roof-tree reaches. Let peace and unity dwell in this house. Let gray hairs here find a sheltering rest as did Jacob and Joseph in the goodly land of Goshen, and crown the aged among us with honor. Grant the heritage of heaven and frankly obedient hearts to all the children in this house. Grant us peaceful neighbors; and, wherever strife threatens to come, cause Thy holy Word and the remembrance of Jesus Christ quickly to adjust all differences. Let no evil tongue divide us in hatred and envy, and, when we suffer unjustly, grant us true humility. When Thou layest a cross upon us, let us acknowledge it as the greatest domestic blessing, and render thanks to Thee for the same.

When we fall ill or grow old, make our hearts so much the stronger, and more youthful in faith and love unto Thee. When things go hard and haltingly with us, let Thy grace be sufficient for us. Should any one of us die, cause us to realize that we are pilgrims and strangers on earth, but in heaven there is joy sufficient for us. Preserve us from sudden and evil death. When our day is come, may we come unto Thee, filled only with faith and the Holy Ghost, and not trusting in our own lives or works. In the last hour grant us to enjoy once again the refreshing assurance of Thy Holy Sacrament. Unto our bodies vouchsafe a safe burial in some quiet spot amidst the graves of our beloved dead, and, with all pious Christian bodies, may they rest in peace until the last of the days; then waken us unto the resurrection of the body, and clothe us mercifully in the garments of grace. Spare us in the day of judgment, and lead us home into the mansions eternal, — Bishop of our Salvation; and, in that blest home, accept our eternal thanksgiving and everlasting praise. Amen.


Seed-grains of prayer : a manual for evangelical Christians by Löhe, Wilhelm, 1808-1872; Jacobs, Henry Eyster, 1844-1932; Weller, H. A. Published 1914, pages 191-197

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