A Bible Study Every MegaChurch Pastor Will Hate

ATW- EcclesiastesDo you love uplifting praise music that focuses all on your feelings and not on the Gospel at all? Do you like it when church services and Bible studies replace the Gospel with catchy themes and clever cultural references? So does Satan!

Would you rather sit around and talk about your feelings than dig deeply into Scripture and actually learn something about the Christian faith? Then you will hate these Bible studies!

Around the Word is proud to present their third study, “I Am Content: A Bible Study of Ecclesiastes”. An introduction to Ecclesiastes and the studies on chapter 1 are now available at Around the Word’s website, along with the previous studies on the Penitential Psalms and the Resurrection. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list while you’re there so you don’t miss any future studies.

Ecclesiastes was written by King Solomon, who was known for his practical wisdom. In the book, he takes a no-nonsense approach to the follies of materialism and hedonism and points to Christ, the only source of true and lasting contentment.

Praise for Ecclesiastes:
“This book deserves to be in everyone’s hands and to be familiar to everyone.” –Martin Luther

“All is vanity—except this book.” –Solomon

“If you love my books, you will hate this study.” –A famous megachurch pastor

These Around the Word Bible Studies are great for group study or personal use and can be used in the congregation and home. Each study is formatted on two pages and is intended to lead you deeper into the Scriptures to receive the Lord’s truth and comfort. These studies are free to use, in whole or in part, in any way you find helpful to the Gospel.

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