Those are some awfully big shoes… Thanks to Pastor Rossow for being a confessor of the faith.

BrothersofJohntheSteadfastYesterday Pr. Rossow told the news of my promotion here at BJS.  There will be much more to come on that in the coming weeks, including some new projects currently underway and some other tweaks to the site.  First though I wanted to say thank you to Pr. Rossow for this site.  He gives me much credit, but he has been there for these years as a great resource (not to mention the foundation he began long ago with this little blog).  It is not too often you can find a man from Iowa (I know, Iowa!) who manages capital campaigns, loves cats, knows philosophy, paints with watercolors, can ponder politically, and yet through all of this maintains proper theology and puts it to work.  That is Pr. Rossow, and he has been a great influence for Confessional Lutheranism.  I am glad to consider him a father in the faith.


Please feel free to express your thanks to him in the comments below.


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