Well-Digging Missions Project for Day Schools, Sunday Schools and VBS, by Pr. Rossow

LIA Director James May and a Prospective Property
LIA Director James May Walking One of the Potential Sites for the New Center
This is an invitation for your Day School, Sunday School or VBS to join with children from all around the country to give offerings to the digging of a well for the new Lutheran Center in Nairobi, Kenya in Africa.

Fresh, clean water is essential everywhere but particularly in Africa. The well will not only provide clean water for drinking for the students at the new Lutheran Center, it will also provide water for irrigating crops as a part of the sustainable model being utilized.

The Brothers of John the Steadfast have partnered with Lutherans in Africa for the past few years and are pleased to promote this new opportunity for the Gospel.

We just launched the program this month and we already have day schools, Sunday schools, and vacation Bible schools from Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota signed up. The cost for the new center will be $1,100,000 American dollars. LIA has already raised nearly $400,000 and is ready to purchase the land for the new center. We are looking to raise $75,000 for the well over the next few years so we will need lots of children to help.

In the Heart of Africa

Lutherans in Africa (LIA) is located in the transportation hub of the African continent in Nairobi, Kenya. That makes it easy for LIA missionaries to travel anywhere in Africa and for African pastors, catechists and evangelists to come and study at the Lutheran Center.

The Work of Lutherans in Africa and the New Lutheran Center

There are millions of Lutherans in Africa but most of them have never seen a Small Catechism and do not know what Lutherans teach. LIA shares the Gospel to make new converts but focuses mostly on teaching existing Lutheran pastors and teachers so that they can bring the pure Gospel to the people of Africa. The new Lutheran Center will further that work and help us save the thousands of dollars spent each year on rent so that it can be invested in people. Also included at the Center is a translation laboratory where Lutheran materials are translated for Africa. LIA Director James May is also the head of Lutheran Heritage Foundation work in Africa.

Your Gifts are Multiplied Many Times Over

Because LIA teaches Lutheran pastors the work is multiplied from the hundreds trained at the Center to the thousands that these trained pastors and teachers serve when they return to their cities and villages.

The New Center is Built on a Sustainable Model

The center is built on several acres of farmland. This allows the students to tend farm plots to raise their own food and even have some for sale. They will farm in the cool of the morning and study during the heat of the afternoon. The center will also have poultry for eggs/meat and cows for milk.

Available Resources for the Program

Contact us and if possible we will try to schedule a visit to your school from an LIA representative. We will also provide a full color LIA card (including a picture of a giraffe kissing Rev. May) and a thermometer with regular updates tracking our progress.

So please contact your Day School Principal, Sunday School Superintendent, or VBS Director and ask them to join with children around the country to dig a Spring of Living Water in Africa.

Lutherans in Africa has also recently recruited many new congregations to help with the rest of the building costs. Contact us if you are interested in adding LIA to your annual missions giving.

Contact Information

Springs of Living Water

Principal Pam Mueller/Pastor Tim Rossow

Bethany Lutheran Church and School – Naperville, Illinois

[email protected]  [email protected]

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