The Original Synod’s view on worship…


LCMS_corporate_sealThe original constitution of the LCMS put it this way when considering uniformity of worship within the Synod:

14. Synod holds in accordance with the 7th article of the Augsburg Confession that uniformity in ceremonies is not essential; yet on the other hand Synod deems such a uniformity wholesome and useful, namely for the following reasons:

a. because a total difference in outward ceremonies would cause those who are weak in the unity of doctrine to stumble;

b. because in dropping heretofore preserved usages the Church is to avoid the appearance of frivolity and a desire for innovations; and is, as much as possible, to exhibit outwardly its connection with the Church of all time.

c. because this is also required for the necessary purification of the Lutheran Church in America; that the emptiness and the poverty in the externals of the service be opposed, which, having been introduced here by the false spirit of the Reformed, is now rampant.

All pastors and congregations that wish to be recognized as orthodox by Synod are prohibited from adopting or retaining any ceremony which might weaken the confession of the truth or condone or strengthen a heresy, especially if heretics insist upon the continuation or the abolishing, of such ceremonies. To this belongs the breaking of bread in the Lord’s Supper; the formula of distribution: Christ says; the taking of the consecrated bread and cup with the hands; the use of ordinary bread instead of the host except in an emergency; and others.

Where private confession is in use, it is to be kept according to Article 11 of the Augsburg Confession. Where it is not in use, the pastor is to strive towards introducing it.

The desired uniformity in the ceremonies is to be brought about especially by the adoption and use of sound Lutheran agendas (church books).

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