The Funeral of Rev. Dr. Ronald R. Feuerhahn


Today I attended the funeral of a beloved seminary professor and friend, the Rev. Dr. Ron Feuerhahn, a man I greatly admired and respected. He was a man of great pastoral character, kindness, churchmanship, and faithfulness. Dr. Feuerhahn was debilitated with Parkinson Disease in his later years, yet up until the last few weeks he still regularly attended our pastors’ Tuesday Morning Pericopal Study Group.

The service today was beautiful. The music, the sermon, and the tributes–all fitting. Immediately after the service, the dozens of vested clergy stood in an honor guard lining the path from the seminary chapel to the hearse. As I stood there (I’m on the far right, facing the camera) and saw the casket being rolled away, I thought of this verse: “My father, my father! The chariots of Israel and its horsemen!” (2 Kings 2:12)


The service itself begins at about the 38:00 mark. Pastor Bruzek’s fine sermon begins at about 1:02:40. It was a beautiful service to experience in person.


The Funeral of Rev. Dr. Ronald R. Feuerhahn — 10 Comments

  1. who was the officiant and crucifer?

    The sermon was what I desperately needed to hear.

  2. To all BJS,
    Whatever you all do, YOU MUST, (OK, please), listen to the sermon by Rev. Dr. Bruzek. How blessed, oh how blessed that my house and Church are near his Church.

  3. Truly a wonderful sermon, all should listen to it. Thank you so much for posting this!

  4. Beautiful Christ-centered, Cross-focused divine service. Wish my funeral would be as simple and Gospel-full.

    But what’s up with the funky crucifix and preachers designs on his vestments?

  5. Awe inspiring funeral service. Scripture based, Christ centered, Spirit directed. We are sinners saved by God’s grace in Christ Jesus as Dr. Bruzek so clearly stated. While God’s grace in Christ Jesus does not cancel God’s judgment of death on us sinners it does grant us victory over the grave and the unbreakable promise of eternal life and glory in heaven. Thank you Dr. Burreson, Dr. Bruzek and Pastor Pelsue for the service. Thank you Dr. Gerike for your gift of music. Thank you Dr. Kloha and Dr. Day for being “spot on” about Ronald Raymond Feuerhahn, a humble servant of the Lord and a spiritual giant in our LCMS.

  6. Dear BJS Bloggers,

    I’ll add “dittos” to Pastor Dissen’s comment #8. Thanks to all those named: Burresson, Bruzek, Pelsue, Gerike, Kloha, Mirly, and Day–for their contributions to this special event in the life of the LCMS and its people.

    I should probably do a retrospect on the life and work of Dr. Feuehahn, as well as others whom I knew. I might do a series of “Confessional Lutheran Portraits,” written especially for those folks who never had a chance to meet these Lutheran leaders, hear their lectures, or read their writings. I might do it here or at LOGIA online. I am a LOGIA editor, so should make some contributions there once in awhile. I’ll let you all know once I get it figured out and started.

    Since I did not attend Concordia Seminary and graduated in 1983 (he began teaching there in 1992), I did not know Dr. Feuerhahn as my professor. But he was a mentor to me, and many other post-graduate theology students (including Dr. Bruzek and President Matthew Harrison). Bruzek also knew Dr. Feuerhahn previously, from when Feuerhahn was at Westfield House in Cambridge and Bruzek was at the University there.

    For more on the life of Dr. Ron Feuerhahn, see the opening biographical essay by Bruzek in the Festschrift in his honor, “Lord Jesus Christ, Will You Not Stay.”

    Yours in Christ, Martin R. Noland

  7. @Brad #3
    May light perpetual shine upon him.

    I was privileged to hear Pastor/Professor Feuerhahn only one weekend, at a pastoral retreat in Serbin, TX, but I have never forgotten him.

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