Strong and Good Move by the LCMS in the Kenyan Lutheran Church, by Pr. Rossow

After my trip to Africa in January I have been writing about strengths and weaknesses that I saw in the church there. This post is an interjection of breaking news into that series. A letter is being circulated among the Lutheran Church in Kenya (ELCK) that documents a strong and good decision from the LCMS.

The letter states that the LCMS has refused a request from Presiding Bishop Obare to fund his proposed electoral convention later this month. The reasons given are two-fold. The first reason is because the ELCK is an independent church and should be able to fund its own conventions. That is an excellent and Godly rationale. The second reason stated in the letter is that the LCMS is convinced that any past funding of this sort of thing has not resulted in unity in the church but that there is a rise of division in the ELCK.

Those that I believe are fighting for true peace and unity in the ELCK are greatly encouraged by this letter. This is a huge and positive development for which they thank God. In part this is a huge development because those same people have documented to me over and over how the Presiding Bishop has used funds given to him by international church bodies to give food stuffs and even cash to those who will come to the electoral conventions and support him.

On a side note, the Lutheran Church of Finland has also denied a request for funds for this convention.

This is a strong and good move. I do not know if President Harrison was involved or not but he gets the credit for this strong and positive decision.

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