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Thanks to BJS reader Rick Techlin for posting this pictoral review of the BJS conference on his blog, Light from Light:



The Brothers Of John the Steadfast held their annual conference in Naperville, Illinois on February 20 & 21, 2015 A.D.  It was an excellent conference with a lot of insightful presentations, good food, entertainment, and enjoyable fellowship.

The Brothers of John the Steadfast is a group of mostly LCMS (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) laymen and pastors dedicated to promoting Confessional Lutheranism.

The conference was held at Bethany Lutheran Church and School.


The theme of the 2015 conference was, “When Heterodoxy Hits Home.”

All the pictures in this post are from that conference.


The first session was with Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller.  His topic was: “The Obligation and Temptation of Dealing with False Teaching.”


One of the challenges of taking photos at this conference was the new candle holders that Bethany had installed down the center isle.  I tried to incorporate them into the photos as best as I could.


Audio presentations from the 2015 Conference can be found on the Brothers of John the Steadfast website.  Video of the conference can be found at this link: on the BJS website.


Bethany Lutheran’s unique stained glass windows can be seen in the background.


This stained glass window depicts God’s gift of Woman to Man.   (God was depicted in the window above this one, and was the source of the yellow rays of light that blessed our original parents).


Pastor Rossow introduced the next speaker.  Pastor Rossow was an excellent and gracious host.


The second speaker on Friday was Pastor Clint Poppe of the ACELC.


The topic of Pastor Poppe’s presentation was, “The Barking Dog Approach.”

Dinner followed, and then there was the evening prayer.


In commemoration of the martyrdom of Saint Polycarp, the liturgical color for the evening prayer was red.

On Friday evening, the Brothers of John the Steadfast gathered in private homes for the “No Pietists Allowed” parties.  Then the next morning on Saturday was the “Manly Man’s Breakfast” at Bethany.


On Saturday morning, Pastor Joshua Scheer introduced the Reverend Larry Beane.


Pastor Beane’s presentation was entitled, “Doctrine And/Or Practice?”  During his presentation, he maintained that the entire Book of Concord was descriptive.


Pastor Hans Fiene was the second speaker on Saturday.  Pastor Fiene is the creator of The Lutheran Satire.  He spoke about when satire is appropriate to use in defense of the faith.


The last speaker was Pastor Todd Wilken from Issues, Etc.  Pastor Wilken spoke about our need for perspective, patience, and perseverance.

Please go to the Brothers of John the Steadfast website, and check out all theaudio presentations from the 2015 conference.  Or check out the videos of the conference by clicking here.


The Lord blesses his people when we gather to hear, discuss, and ponder his word and Sacrament.

Thank you to all who were involved in making this an enjoyable conference.

Thank you.


Additional Pictures

Click here for additional pictures from the 2015 BJS Conference.

Click here for additional pictures from all the previous BJS Conferences(2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, & 2013).

God’s blessing to you.

About Norm Fisher

Norm was raised in the UCC in Connecticut, and like many fell away from the church after high school. With this background he saw it primarily as a service organization. On the miracle of his first child he came back to the church. On moving to Texas a few years later he found a home in Lutheranism when he was invited to a confessional church a half-hour away by our new neighbors.

He is one of those people who found a like mind in computers while in Middle School and has been programming ever since. He's responsible for many websites, including the Book of Concord,, and several other sites.

He has served the church in various positions, including financial secretary, sunday school teacher, elder, PTF board member, and choir member.

Norm has been involved behind the scenes in many of the "go-to" websites for Lutherans going back many years.


Light from Light — Pictures from the 2015 BJS Conference — 6 Comments

  1. The only question I have, since I was unable to attend, is where are the parodies, from Pastor Hendrickson?

    Jocularity, jocularity…I want the Downton Abbey parody! Big fan of Downton & of Pastor’s parodies.

  2. How far is Naperville from Gary, IN and St. Louis, MO? I remember hearing the name of the town as a child watching Bozo and Chicago Cubs Baseball, but I am not familiar with the area. I ask because it appears that the conference was rather homogeneous in its population. It reflects the perception that I find from people of color when I mention that I am (soon to be, God willing) a member of the LCMS. I know a few Black pastors, and I know that there are others whom I have not met, but the images in these photos show no evidence of their existence, nor of the existence of the congregations where they serve.
    Hopefully, God willing, now that I have completed my studies at CUI/Christ College, I will be enabled to attend your conference next year, as I grew up in Gary, and I still have family out there. It would be good to see Pr Roosevelt Gray making a presentation, along with Rev. Christopher Bodley, Missionary-at-Large for the Michigan District.


  3. @Delwyn X. Campbell #4

    Hi Delwyn,
    Naperville, IL is a western suburb of Chicago, off of I88, about 40 miles from Gary, IN. Yes, it probably is a ‘rather homogeneous’ group that attends the Steadfast conference. I do know of Rev. Byrene Keith Haney, the mission exec. for the western part of NID. Our pastor was on vacation a few weeks ago, and he filled in for him out here in the hinterland of northern Illinois (Rockford and beyond). Great guy and his sermons were right on target – preaching Christ crucified.

    I do think the 2016 Steadfast conference will be held in Texas though, if I’m not mistaken.

    Welcome to the LCMS!

    In Christ,

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