It is Finished: A Lenten Poem

For C.L.

  1. Come and view the Word made flesh
    On whom all our sin was laid;
    He has words that will refresh
    Every sinner who has strayed:
    “It is finished!” Christ decreed,
    Giving everything you need.
  2. All the Scriptures are fulfilled,
    All Christ’s sufferings are complete,
    All God’s righteous wrath is stilled,
    Satan here has met defeat.
    “It is finished!” Jesus cries,
    Gives His spirit up and dies.
  3. Come here, sinner, rest your soul
    In the wounds of Christ your God;
    Here your sins have no control,
    Washed away in Jesus’ blood;
    “It is finished!” hear him shout;
    All your guilt is blotted out.
  4. Bring your conscience here to find
    What alone can make it good;
    Here God’s mercy shows His mind,
    Doing what you never could;
    “It is finished!” You are free –
    Christ’s death is your guarantee.
  5. Every sin to which you turned
    Has become your Savior’s loss;
    All the punishment you earned
    Has been poured out on the cross.
    “It is finished!” It is true,
    There is nothing left to do.
  6. Do you see your sin inside?
    Do not look inside your heart;
    See your sin on Him who died,
    See the truth his words impart:
    “It is finished!” not in you,
    In Him who makes all things new.
  7. If you try and can’t forget
    Sins that long have held you bound,
    Bring your heartache and regret
    To the words where faith is found:
    “It is finished!” Hear him say
    Words that take all sin away.
  8. When the battle rages on,
    When your flesh desires the lie,
    Look to God the Father’s Son,
    Hear his clear, triumphant cry:
    “It is finished!” It is done!
    Jesus has already won.
  9. When you fall to sin again,
    And you fear God’s righteous wrath;
    See his blood remove the stain,
    See your wages paid in death:
    “It is finished.” From his veins
    Flows the flood that cleans your stains.
  10. Do you fear the future now,
    Knowing what the past has been?
    Let this saying teach you how
    All your time is found in Him:
    “It is finished!” Nothing can
    Snatch you from your Savior’s hand.
  11. In these words forgiveness find,
    In these words your Sabbath lies,
    Giving sight back to the blind,
    Comfort for our pains and sighs:
    “It is finished!” Nothing more
    Is there left to end the war.
  12. Peace He gives, his peace he leaves
    With these words that shatter doubt;
    Blest is he who this believes!
    Let him join with Christ and shout:
    “It is finished” Christ has died!
    By this I am justified.

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