“Valparaiso” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

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If you’re going to Valparaiso,
You best beware the errors that they share;
If you’re going to Valparaiso,
You’re gonna meet some liberal teachers there.

For those who come to Valparaiso,
Some will find they’re in the Northwest there;
In the halls of Valparaiso,
Liberal teachers with errors that they share:

“Women’s ordination!
Sexual orientation!
Means revolution!”

“There was no real Creation!
What’s the new explanation?
Here’s the solution:
It’s evolution!”

For those who come to Valparaiso,
You best beware the errors that they share;
If you come to Valparaiso;
Soon you’ll find you’re in the Northwest there.

If you come to Valparaiso,
Soon you’ll find you’re in the Northwest there.

Charlie Henrickson
The wag tailoring the doggerel


“Valparaiso” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson) — 52 Comments

  1. @Pastor Prentice #49


    Never mind. It’s been explained.

    Moreover, the thread was written back in February, when Synod was in the process of “doing something” about its false teacher.
    tim browne, not any of us, resuscitated it, to mock BJS apparently, although he’s the one who wants to claim “offense”.

    “You have a different spirit”, tim, and we’ve spent enough time on you and this bit of “yesterday’s news”.

  2. @helen #51
    Dear Helen,
    I know where you are going with this one. “IF?” Yes, when they at Valpo and even incorrect LCMS pastors spout a wrong theology (a few out there) that differs from what I retain and teach, as pastor and father; I will correct in love with what I view by faith and study as proper and good.

    My oldest son went to Illinois (UIUC) and dabbled with the Intervarsity set, well, in the end, he became a solid part of the LCMS Church of Pastor Milas at college. Thankfully, his teaching in the faith at catechism and all and the Good Lord kept him safe and well grounded.

    It is tough out there, and all of us pastors must step up the work we do as we live in an ever hostile place to God’s Word.

    Hmmm, monastery life seems appealing at times, but NOPE, God has different plans.


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