To Encourage Congregations to Coordinate Mission Efforts

Submitted by Pastor Toby Byrd — Below is a resolution (or one very similar) that has been submitted to the resolution committee of the Texas District by multiple congregations:


WHEREAS, Resolution 01-03-12, 59th Convention of the Texas District (Lubbock, Texas), encouraged congregations, circuits, and other local and regional partnerships to work with each other to establish new Word and Sacrament ministries in the Texas District; and

WHEREAS, the whole basis of Synod is congregations and pastors walking together; and

WHEREAS, a failure to give notice to, cooperate with, and receive the approval of other LCMS congregations in the immediate area of a proposed new mission start by one or more LCMS congregations is at least the appearance of a denial of mutual respect, support, and love between LCMS congregations; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that a LCMS congregation in the Texas District considering a new mission start give notice to, seek the cooperation of, and seek the approval of any other existing LCMS congregation in the area contemplated for the planting of a new mission start; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Texas District, LCMS, upon becoming aware of such new mission start planning by one or more LCMS congregations, advise the mission starting congregation that such notice should be given to, such cooperation sought, and such approval of the other LCMS congregations sought; and that Texas District, LC-MS, follow up and continue to seek those efforts by the mission starting congregation.

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