The Gavel Fell Too Soon – More Words with No Action, This Time from All the LCMS Presidents, by Pr. Rossow

Scott Diekmann has posted the Council of LCMS Presidents (COP) recent statement on the Matthew Becker situation with an apt introductory commentary.

People are waking up. The statement of the COP is a wake up call. The LCMS is dying for lack of action.

These are our leaders. They can say the right things but they do nothing. Where is their call to action? They should have lived by the words they published by calling DP Linnemann to repentance for harboring a false teacher in his district.

How can they possibly publish words about the truth but not act? They lack courage. They have now clearly demonstrated that they do not have the capability to exercise supervision.

We have now heard a second round of fine sounding words and not a one of the Presidents, SP or DP’s have actually lifted a finger to do anything. President Harrison and the rest of the presidents on this council should be ashamed of themselves.

The gavel should NOT have fallen at that meeting until the false doctrine in our synod was dealt with by the presidents according to the very words of truth contained in the statement of the presidents.

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