How do You Top Wolfmueller’s Stand-Up and Sophie’s Choice for BJS Banquet Entertainment? A Dramatic Reading of a Hans Fiene Play, by Pr. Rossow

We have had some incredible banquet speeches at the BJS Annual Conference but this year may take the cake, that is if you ask the speaker himself. We have had an address by President Harrison, sung theology parodies by Charlie Henrickson and stand up comedy by Bryan Wolfmueller.

This year we have the creator of Lutheran satire unveiling his recently penned play “Harry and the Heresy Factory,” Rev. Hans Fiene. Here is how the playwright describes his work.

“Harry and the Heresy Factory is a three-act farce written by Rev. Hans Fiene that boldly confesses the six chief parts of the catechism, gallantly rebukes various heresies related to those parts, and shamelessly steals the plot structure of Roald Dahl’s classic novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ This is permissible because plot structures aren’t protected by copyright law, because satire falls under the category of “fair use,” and because Mr. Dahl was a Norwegian and all Norwegians are socialists who pretty much don’t believe in private property so you’re allowed to steal from them. Rev. Fiene guarantees that his play will be funnier than Rev. Wolfmueller’s stand up routine, but ‘Sophie’s Choice’ is also funnier than Wolfmueller’s stand up, so that’s not really saying much.”

To make things even more interesting the playwright (calling Fiene a “playwright” is like calling Wolfmueller a “comedian”) will be conscripting members of the audience to help in this readers theater version of chapter one of “Harrry and the Heresy Factory.” This promises to be more fun than re-writing the LCMS by-laws on adjudication!

It’s not to late to sign up for the conference. We are seeing our highest registration numbers, second only to the year we hosted President Harrison.

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