Great Stuff — Opportunities in Africa (Ethiopia) for Theological Education (GSI)

Associate Editor’s Note:  The following demonstrates a great shift that is going on.  While many churches have a long way to go, there are many worldwide who are desiring to learn and confess Lutheranism.  The video below also notes a strong emphasis going on with regards to the need for theological education.  I know that many of my classmates and other good pastors have been going out in the past couple years to foreign fields to serve as “theological instructors”.  This is great as it can influence church bodies for decades to come (and with the individuals going out the influence is in good theology).  I am reminded of the work that Lutherans in Africa emphasizes, theological instruction using Bible, Book of Concord, and Hymnals.  May the renewed emphasis in catechesis across the globe benefit the Evangelical Lutheran Church and glorify the Triune God.



Found over on WMLTblog:


Opportunities in Africa (Ethiopia in this case) abound for theological education. Opportunities exist both for a person who wants to travel overseas to teach a class and for students who are taught at a local insinuation or who receive a scholarship to study at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, or Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis.

The video highlights how the Global Seminary Initiative (GSI) is helping connect qualified volunteers with teaching opportunities overseas and students with opportunities to study locally or possibility at an LCMS seminary. Two students are interviewed: a future deaconess who has been accepted to Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne and a PhD student who has been accepted for study at Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis. Two instructors are interviewed about their experience at Mekane Yesus Seminary. Finally, Rev. Shauen Trump, Area Director for East Africa, speaks about how theological education is the single largest request he receives in Africa.

For more information about the Global Seminary Initiative please visit:

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