A New Sister Site – Sisters of Katie Luther

SistersOfKatieLutherThere are going to be some new things happening during the 2015 Conference.  You have seen the NEW site for BJS, now see another NEW site, the Sisters of Katie Luther.  It is a site devoted to the women of Lutheranism, to read, comment, and discuss issues having to do with Lutheran theology and the vocations of wife, mother, sister, woman.  Don’t worry, women are still as welcome as ever to visit here at BJS.

From the site editor, my wife Holly:

Want to talk theology, but the lack of sound sisters got you down? What do the Bible, the Confessions, and the history of the church really have to say about the “stuff” of your life? What wisdom can your sisters share with you?  If you’ve been looking for an online home that is true to Lutheran theology and a place to connect to like minded Christian women, welcome. If you are looking to grow and learn in the history of the church, this is the place for you.

The Sisters of Katie Luther is a new blog devoted to theology for the Lutheran woman- and for those who want to support the women in their lives.


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