2015 Conference Wrap Up — dealing with heterodoxy at home

bjsconfmainI am finally back home and can write this up – The conference ended on Saturday after a great set of presentations.  During the morning we received a great presentation on Doctrine AND Practice by Rev. Larry Beane, who did a great job of relating how both are related and that heterodoxy is a part of both.  Rev. Hans Fiene gave a presentation on discerning when to fight with snark and when not.  Admittedly I am waiting for the video of his presentation because I was away doing Concord Matters live from the conference with KFUO.  [more on the videos later]

During lunch (the church basement lunch with casseroles [hotdishes for those of us from Minnesota] and jello and all) we had some presentation in the form of Q & A with Pastor James May of Lutherans in Africa.  He stressed the need for the preaching and teaching of the Gospel in Africa above all other things.  Rev. Todd Wilken was given the task of keeping the well-fed folks’ attention.  He did.  He spoke on three P’s that he suggests are important in the struggle with heterodoxy – Perspective, Patience, and Perseverance.

Put these presentations together with Pr. Wolfmueller and Pr. Poppe’s the previous day and we heard some great teaching on how to deal with heterodoxy in our midst.  There were various opinions offered but it definitely help bring some more clarity to the issue.

Special thanks to:

The presenters.  The topic was one which could be viewed as touchy by many who have a triumphalistic view of the LCMS, but you all handled it masterfully.

The good volunteers of Bethany Lutheran Church (especially Rev. Rossow and his wife Phyllis), including those who did meals, clean up, registrations, t-shirt sales, shuttle drivers to the airports, tours of the new addition (looks great), and all the folks involved with worship.

Randy Asburry and Eric Andersen for their good work throughout the conference for Steadfast Throwdown (stay tuned for some of their conference recordings).

Rod Zwonitzer and Charlie Henrickson for their efforts to bring KFUO to the conference (and the conference to KFUO!).

The BJS Authors who could make it.  Your presence was appreciated.

The hosts of the No Pietists Allowed Parties.

The vendors who came (Emmanuel Press [Pr. Michael Frese], CLCC [Gene White], Wittenberg Church Consultants [Pr. Rossow] and offered their promotions or good resources.

The providers of the door prizes (Ad Crucem (cards and medallions), Vanessa Rasanen (beer glasses and beer), Ward Metal (belt buckles).

T-shirt makers, Meme generators, graphic designers for conference promotion (Kris Brown, Holly Scheer & Vanessa Rasanen)

Social Media manager through the conference (Holly Scheer)

Norm Fisher for managing the new site changeover and also helping with development of the Sisters of Katie Luther site.




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