Conference News – New “Becker Rate” for conference. Save $10.

bjsconfmainWith the news that the LCMS has been unable to deal with dissenters to our stance on women’s ordination and the evolution, it might be a good idea to come up to our conference on Feb 20-21 in Naperville, IL.  Why?  Because this is why our conference is important – “When Heterodoxy Hits Home”.  How do we deal with false teachings being tolerated in the church?  What do we do when all mechanisms fail in promoting the faithful preaching of the Gospel and hindering the false gospels?  What can we do?

In honor of the sad news of the recent decision in the case of Rev. Dr. Matthew Becker, we are going to revert to the $10 discount we offered for early registrations for the next six days (six days being an unholy number, short of the perfect 7).

So far a great number of registrations have come in.  If you have been on the fence about attending, consider letting the case of Rev. Dr. Matthew Becker push you over to one side.

Register Now for the Becker Rate.



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