A Hymn on the Transfiguration of our Lord

This hymn is dedicated to the saints of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Laramie, WY

Recommended tune: Jesu, Meines Lebens Lebens. Christ the Life of all the Living

  1. On the mountain shone His glory,
    Face as bright as is the sun;
    See fulfilled the prophet’s story:
    “This is my beloved Son!”
    Here the majesty of heaven
    To the Son of Man is given,
    Glory which already He
    Holds from all eternity.

  2. Peter, James and John are kneeling,
    Where the prophets testify,
    By their presence Christ revealing
    As the one who came to die.
    He by blood he will be spilling
    Israel’s exodus fulfilling,
    Passing through the sea of red,
    Where the lost to life are led.

  3. This is he in darkness shining,
    Whom no darkness overcame,
    He, whose Spirit is refining
    All who call upon His name;
    He, the star of Easter’s morning,
    Preaches truth until the dawning
    Of the light within our heart
    That his coming will impart.

  4. Here in our own human nature
    Find the foretaste of our joy;
    See the Maker in His creature
    With the power to destroy
    All of Satan’s snares that caught us,
    Death and all that sin has brought us –
    Perfect picture here we see
    Of what we in heav’n shall be.

  5. For the death we long have dreaded
    Goes this man who is our God;
    To Jerusalem is headed
    On the lonely, narrow road;
    Where his own mock and abhor him,
    There our joy is set before him
    In the cross’s shame and pain,
    Suffered for the sinner’s gain.

  6. Alleluia! Sing his praises,
    Sing the light in which He lives!
    For the fallen souls he raises,
    For the sins that he forgives,
    For the Gospel he has spoken,
    For the Scripture still unbroken,
    For the peace his Spirit brings
    All the Church His glory sings.

Hymn first published at http://revivelutheranhymns.blogspot.com

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