You’re On Five Two’s Enemies List Bud, by Pr. Rossow

10407905_371024113062687_6396330700239818648_nWhy do people put Face Book blogs up on the internet and then delete comments that they don’t like? I guess it is their prerogative since it is their page but it smacks of fear and propaganda. It is peculiarly odd when a group that stands for everything new, out of the box, fearless and cutting edge does it.

The 5/2 Group has deleted numerous comments that raise questions about their Lutheran pedigree and have even banned several BJS writers from commenting at all on 5/2 blogs. BJS author TR Halvorson coined the phrase “Banned Brothers” to describe his fellow BJS writers who have been stricken from commenting at 5/2.

So far BJS authors Daniel Hinton, Matthew Dent, Joe Abrahamson, Jim Pierce, Tim Wood and Associate Editor Joshua Scheer have been banned. They have been banned for asking these sorts of questions. Matthew Dent asked for a Bible verse that supports the 5/2 concept of “start new to reach new.” Daniel Hinton asked why 5/2 endorses non-ordained and non-called men in the pulpit.

Tim Wood questioned the 5/2 principle of influence and relationships being the foundation for conversions. He asked this:

Jesus also spent time with the Pharisees, but they were influenced to kill him. How do you make the distinction if it’s about love and presence. Are you implying that Jesus was unloving toward the Pharisees or failed to build relationships with them?

Joshua Scheer was banned but he admits it was because he was being a jack _____ (rhymes with the word describing the Roman Catholic church service). 🙂

BJS author Jim Pierce gets the prize for the quickest banning, He only lasted five minutes on the 5/2 network.

While we are at it, the head of LCMS Inc. does something similar. BJS contributor Vanessa from the Bible Beer and Babies Facebook page pointed out that a question asked earlier today on President Harrison’s Facebook page was deleted. It was by a commenter named Jeremy. He asked President Harrison this:

That’s interesting. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Five Two a seemingly heterodox Church planting organization in the Texas District whose founders believe that they can operate with autonomy apart from our Confessional standards because Synod is too political to stand up to false teaching.

The comment was deleted without explanation. President Harrison did eventually respond and say that he considers it poor form to drop comments or questions on his personal Facebook page that are unrelated to his posts. (He does use the page to promote various projects around the synod.) I understand his point and it is a good one but this is what happens when the president of synod is silent on all of the troubling issues in the synod. He has the bully pulpit. He can speak out against all sorts of errors in the synod but he doesn’t. I guess he considers it poor form to openly address heterodox doctrine and practice in the synod. Jeremy does not and neither do I.

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