Check Out the D Min Program at Fort Wayne, by Pr. Rossow

I completed the D Min program at Concordia Theological Seminary a few years back and it was one of the highlights of my pastoral career. They have recently revamped the program and it looks great. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I never felt burnt out or that I was just treading water in the Lord’s ministry but when I started taking classes in the D Min program I was greatly energized and motivated for my last twenty years or so of service to the Lord. I probably was a little worn out and didn’t realize it. (You can click here for details on the program.)

Check out the list of classes offered in the program and I hope you will be energized as well: DMTP 812 – A Lutheran Catechumenate for a Post Modern World; DMPL 826 – Current Trends in Lutheran Worship; DMPL 823 – Issues in the Lord’s Supper; and the list goes on. You can see the entire list here.

Maybe the best thing about the program is that the classes are taught by the regular profs at CTS. There are also some of the best pastors in our synod who are brought in to teach some of the classes.

Being a St. Louis grad I checked out their program first but what I saw is that they focused way to heavily on sociology and psychology. The Fort Wayne program is far more oriented to churchly doctrine and practice. The only criticism I have of the new program is that they lump leadership in with pastoral care. They are clearly two distinct disciplines. I am glad to see “The Fort” offering something on leadership however. It gets abused by the church-growthers but if handled properly it is an area in which most of our parish pastors could use some training.

I encourage you pastors to check out this program and make every effort to enroll. It will be a great shot in the arm for you and your congregation.

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