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The dust from FiveTwo Network’s 2014 Wiki Conference continues to blow and settle in places where it is not wanted. So we thought it might be interesting to churn some of the data points from the conference. The results are revealing, and hint at problems that may need bud-nipping.

Before then, let’s recap:


  • The leader of FiveTwo is branded. This is very odd for an under-shepherd who is supposed to be a voice in the wilderness; a proclaimer pointing away from himself at all times to declare: “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”


Where the Data Leads

We identified 50 individuals connected directly (34/50) or indirectly (16/50) with the FiveTwo Network, and who returned data via the LCMS Locator. The results are posted below; see if you can spot the elephants in the room:



Note: the blank year at far right is for individuals who do not report graduation from a seminary.


Seminary Qualification by Institution & District Affiliation



BJS_TimWoodAssociate Editor’s Note: With this post we welcome Tim Wood to our regular writers here at the Brothers of John the Steadfast. Here is what Tim has to say about himself…

He is a convert from Baptist Fundamentalism after a Peniel like confrontation with Luther’s Law & Gospel. He lives with his family in Denver where he works full time in the natural resources industry, and is a partner in Ad Crucem, a confessional Christian greeting card and gifts enterprise.

Tim and his family are members of a Confessional LCMS congregation in south Denver, and sheep to a wonderful shepherd who patiently guided them into the one true faith. Tim and his wife, Wanita, emigrated from South Africa many years ago.


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  1. Interesting…. Graph seems to have an uptick at the same time Dale Meyer became president of CSL. Institutionally, CSL makes the other certifications irrelevant/accidental. Hot spots seem to be Texas (obviously, since that’s where it started) and Michigan. I have read so much in books, blogs, LCMS publications, I tend to see certain patterns that don’t surprise me. Let all who have eyes see.

  2. Tim,

    Very nice presentation of the data. The elephants in the room are pretty obvious thanks to your efforts. Kieschnick “error” and St. Louis are what I keyed in on. Kieschnick’s reign of “error” continues to haunt the synod, and based on the current lack of leadership, will continue to do so for years. His actions were that of a theological wrecking ball to Christian/lutheran doctrine and practice.

  3. “To all the haters, hate on!”

    Seriously?! How old are we?! Last time I was called a “hater” was by a twelve-year-old girl!

    Maybe she had an MDIV from CLS.

  4. You might want to include a couple of datapoints, if you can find them. What is the background of the DP’s pushing this, year of graduation and from which institution? And when were they elected?

  5. @Michael #7

    I do track on my own a few things. I have a Word document that lists all 35 DP’s. year and school of graduation, year elected, age (not perfect in that column, just to see potential retirement). I even jotted a few notes on some, when I see them do or express something, mostly from Reporter articles.

    Of the current sitting DP’s I red-flagged a few because of when they graduated. In a pragmatic sense, they are Seminexers, because they were learning under the Faculty Majority and graduated before the Walkout. So really, who were the learning from? The professors who left to form Christ Seminary.

    Dave Benke, CSL 72, Atlantic since 1991 (will step down this cycle)
    Ken Hennings, CSL 73, Texas since 2006 (retiring? this cycle)
    Dean Nadasdy, CSL 73, MN South since 2013
    Larry Stotereau, CSL 73, PSW since 2000
    Richard Boche, CSL 73, Wyoming since 2006

    Interpret how you will. My take is Pres. Boche is totally solid (just ask Pr. Scheer), the others way less so to varying degrees. If you want to know what Pres,. Benke thinks, visit ALPB, because he has no problem sharing his opinion for all to see.

  6. @Jason #8
    Ken Hennings, CSL 73, Texas since 2006 (retiring? this cycle)
    It is being said that Hennings will retire next year. [I don’t know which district office executive is being groomed to follow him.] My assumption, because that is what Hennings was, and there doesn’t seem to be an effort to change things. However, I only know what I read, and hear occasionally. I could certainly wish that good things are happening that I’m not aware of!

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