Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Rosebrough on the FiveTwo Network


Rosebrough on the FiveTwo Network

Here are three segments with Pr. Chris Rosebrough where he addresses different problems with the FiveTwo Network’s practices and use of language. Pr. Rosebrough makes it quite clear that he thinks Pr. Woolsey properly understands Law and Gospel, but there are aspects of his theology that are in error.

Sacramental Entrepreneurs and the FiveTwo Network – Issues Etc.


Bill Woolsey Creates His Own Ecclesiology (41:41 – 1:08:15) – Fighting for the Faith


Bill Woolsey Tries to Explain What It Means to Be Sacramental? (3:40 – 11:11 & 38:45 – 48:35) – Fighting for the Faith


Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Rosebrough on the FiveTwo Network — 2 Comments

  1. Question: if Woolsey is undermining the Lutheran process of pastoral installation through what he proposes, isn’t that in and of itself enough for him to be called on the carpet by the Synod itself??

  2. One would think so… My time spent in district and synodical conventions has shown me there really is no bite to any wrong doing, save but a few public sins. I really think there is a rampant apathy throughout clergy and laity and is disheartening. There are a few courageous pastors and laymen, but not enough to cause real change. I pray this changes soon and there would arise a lot of courageous pastors and laymen to fight these attacks. The main problem as I see it is limp-wristed ecclesiastical supervisors who refuse to defend the bride of Christ.

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